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Becoming a Trasan Member is similar to joining Costco or Sam’s Club. You pay a fee to join and have the opportunity to buy products at a discount for one year. At the end of that time, it is your option to renew the membership.
Benefits of Membership
Members receive discounts of 30, 35 and 40 percent off suggested retail prices of Trasan’s Microfiber line of products with no minimum purchase nor frequency of ordering required.

Members receive an additional 10% discount on all orders placed during their "Anniversary Month".

When Members bring others into The Trasan Network, they receive  rewards (credits) in the following amounts:

$25 for a Basic Membership
$50 for a Basic Kit (which includes membership) 
$100 for a Deluxe Kit (which includes membership)

These "credits" are redeemable toward future purchases.

At various times throughout the year, special sales are offered only to Trasan Members. They may also participate in our Product(s) of the Month Program, which offers unique items outside of our regular line of products.

CLICK HERE for more info on our Discount and Credit Program.
Your own Trasan Website
As a Trasan Member, you will receive your own personal website. The website will enable you to order directly from Trasan and have your order discounted automatically.

This website will also serve as a store for others to visit. They can browse, learn, and even become a member from which you will earn referral "credits".  Your website will be exactly like the one you are now visiting. The only exception will be the name in the upper left hand corner - it will be yours!

This site is continuously updated through ongoing development at no additional charge to our Members.
The Trasan Approach and Referral Program
Let there be no doubt about the fact that Microfiber cleaning technology is here to stay. The ability to clean without chemicals is a concept whose time has come. It’s been made clear that we need to make the environment in our homes safer and take better care of our Planet Earth.

But not all microfiber is the same!
In the Microfiber industry, there are vast differences in quality. The cheaper products are readily available on the open market at a price that is affordable to everyone. And, with TV and magazine advertising, infomercials and store displays to entice us, the average shopper feels that he or she knows what this “microfiber thing” is all about – that it’s a new way of cleaning and Microfiber is Microfiber. Well, not so fast ...

Assuming that you wanted an Italian meal for dinner tonight, you have many options. You can visit the grocery store and buy a can of ready-made pasta, sauce and all. You can also choose a ready-made Italian dinner from the freezer case. If you are so inclined, you can possibly duplicate your mother’s favorite recipe by buying the ingredients and preparing the family secret at home. Then there is also the eating-out alternative and even there, you will, no doubt, find the economical vs. the more elaborate, more expensive restaurants. Is it all Italian? Yes, in a manner of speaking. Is it all the same? Absolutely not.

Likewise, the Microfiber industry would have you think it’s all the same with the only issue being one of cost. It’s not the case. Products of a particular type don’t all look the same, perform in the same way, have the same life span, or cost the same amount.
Trasan is a unique in the market of Microfiber cleaning products.
Quality is what sets Trasan apart. You can see the difference and feel the difference instantly when comparing a Trasan product to any other. Experiencing the difference may take a little longer – but not much!

When talking about quality, however, the issue of relative cost usually enters the conversation. In many cases, you can’t have one without the other. Consider the automobile industry. There are differences in quality and the price reflects it. The clothing and housing markets also illustrate how better quality is invariably accompanied by higher prices.

Trasan is such a product. That is, it’s a little on the "pricey" side when compared to others, but it is well worth the investment.
Trasan has a unique marketing approach as well ...
To summarize, a Trasan Member receives discounts when ordering, AND rewards for bringing others into the Trasan family.

The rewards of $25, $50, and $100, for referring others who join Trasan, are our way of saying “Thank You” for spending the time to talk to your friends, family and acquaintances about our great products and our friendly business plan. Look at it as a “finder’s fee”.

These rewards (dollar credits) may be applied to your own future purchases and will remain on your record in the Trasan office until you wish to use them. 

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*$29.90 Initial Membership Fee, $20.00 Annual Renewal

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