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You may have already looked at the Bonus program and seen how the simple act of referring someone to your personal website allows you to receive additional discounts dollars (bonuses).

Here's some GREAT NEWS! It doesn't stop at that!

In the last seven years, we've discovered that we could not stop folks from telling others about our products. They work so great that you'll tell your friends, they'll tell theirs, and so on and so on…

The power of "word-of-mouth" marketing is so great that just the friendly gesture of referring someone to your personal website could cause a person that you'll never know, or meet, to buy something. 

Word-of-mouth also works in helping you build and develop your personal referrals -- your "downline". It's a case of you talking with your good friend, John, and telling him about the advantages of becoming a Trasan Member and him deciding to join.

John then tells his good friend, Mary, who makes the same "wise decision"! She then shares with Bob, Bob talks to Carol, and Carol speaks to Sue. They all become Members and are part of your downline -- and here's the good news: Their purchases are counted as part of your volume for a particular month and that volume can easily produce bonus money for you!

Let's look at the Discount Chart again to see how it could benefit you, should you decide that you'd like to earn more than a few dollars extra per month.

Member Discount Percentage Chart  

Retail Volume Discount



Making "pre-paid" profit

A traditional brick and mortar type of business would look at the discounts on the chart above as a way to put sales profit right into their coffers.

A music store owner, for example, might decide that he could move 100 cloths per month (they’d be great for cleaning CDs) so he’d buy them at a 39% discount and when they were sold, the 39% profit would go right into his pocket (actually he’d probably buy 101 so he’d get a 41% discount).

Or maybe an optometrist who sells 50 pairs of eyeglasses might buy 50 eyeglass cloths per month to give away to his customers. She’d look at the discount levels too and maybe she’d buy a 3-month supply to get an additional 6% discount. Sometimes, it’s as simple as someone showing a cloth to his or her neighbors and taking orders. You get their check up front and order only what you need. This is what we call “pre-paid” profit.

Let your website
make the sale!

You, on the other hand, might not own a business to sell through, but you might have a high traffic website (or can develop one) or know folks that do have lots of existing customers or great websites.

The personal website you receive as a Trasan Member can also be used as your own online store. Simply refer others to it either by sending them to it directly, via your website address, or through a link on other websites you might have. When visitors to your website buy products or enroll as Trasan Members, they are adding to your total retail sales volume.

It adds up fast . . .

Subsequently, the people they refer could also add to your total sales volume. To show you how this works, look at the following example where Mary has referred 3 people who decided to become Trasan Members. Additionally, let’s assume that 10 people in this month also visited your site and bought 1 cloth each. To make it a little easier, let’s also say that John, Mary, and Sue (the Trasan Members that are your personal referrals) also had 10 sales from their sites.

Your Sales

10 @ $17.99 = $179.90

John’s Sales

10 @ $17.99 = $179.90

Mary’s Sales

10 @ $17.99 = $179.90

Sue’s Sales

10 @ $17.99 = $179.90

Total Retail Sales Volume


John's, Mary's, and Sue’s sales are all in the 30% bracket, but since your total sales are over $500.00, you’re now in the 36% bracket. Your profit on your personal sales is now 36% and you get the difference between the total of John, Mary, and Sue’s sales at 30% and what you were pre-paid.

Your Profit

$179.90 X 36% = $64.76

John’s Sales (36% - 30% = 6%)

$179.90 X 6% = $10.79

Mary’s Sales (36% - 30% = 6%)

$179.90 X 6% = $10.79

Sue’s Sales (36% - 30% = 6%)

$179.90 X 6% = $10.79

Total Profit


Now just imagine what you might receive over the course of a year with more Trasan Members helping you increase your total sales volume – those you’ve personally referred and the ones they subsequently refer.

First things first . . .

Get started by becoming a Member yourself – the opportunity, should you elect to take advantage of it, is included at no additional cost. Once you’ve got your website, take a look at the long term aspects of this opportunity.

*$29.90 Initial Membership Fee, $20.00 Annual Renewal

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