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The Trasan Network's Discount Buying Program 

Your primary source of income as a Trasan Member is through your own purchasing. We refer to this as your Member Discount and it is virtually the same as buying “wholesale”. You are buying at a discounted price and selling at a retail price.

This discount applies to all items that are meant for resale and found in our Full Product Catalog and it is based on the suggested retail price. There is never a minimum purchase or frequency of ordering required. Order what you want when you want . . .
and receive an additional 10% on all orders placed during your "anniversary month".

$1.00 - $499.99 -- Orders in this range, will receive a 30% discount.

$500.00 - $999.99 -- If your order falls into this bracket, your discount is 35%.

$1000.00 and over -- All orders over $1,000 will receive a discount of 40%.

*An additional 10% discount is added to all orders during your Anniversary Month.

An Opportunity

The unsurpassed quality of Trasan products, coupled with the simplicity and generosity of our discounts and rewards program, offers a real opportunity - to promote them with family, friends, neighbors and others while earning a part-time income at the same time.

Credits for Referrals

When Members bring others into The Trasan Network, they receive rewards (credits) in the following amounts:

  • $25 credit for a Basic Members

  • $50 credit for a Basic Kit (which includes membership)

  • $100 credit for a Deluxe Kit (which includes membership)

These "credits" are redeemable toward future purchases at any time.

*29.90 Initial Members Free - $20.00 Annual Renewal
Free Lifetime Membership awarded after 10 Renewals.

Discounts & Credits  |  Join Now!

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