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It was the remarkable phenomenon of a water-only dampened cloth cleaning mirrors and windows without streaking that got our attention. Then it was the easy removal of kitchen grease and grime, soap film and hard water mineral deposits in the bath, and, finally, spots on carpeting that made us believers.

Robert A. Hughes
Founder and CEO
The Trasan Network

Continued testing led us to the marvelous realization that we had discovered a technology and a product of tremendous value. Wherever we demonstrated this Swedish "miracle cloth" -- made of microfiber -- the response was invariably, "Where can I get one?"

Within days of using the cloth, our initial contacts were calling us back, asking for more. Their parents, children, close friends, co-workers, etc. wanted a cloth, too. The demand was there, and the chief reason—the outstanding performance and amazing versatility of this product. The miracle cloth provided a simple, but revolutionary solution to the age-old problem of how to clean a seemingly endless list of objects and surfaces.

And the solution did not involve chemicals.

We had acquired a product, virtually unknown in the United States, which not only saved time and money (formerly spent on cleaning chemicals), but it was a healthy and environmentally safe alternative, as well!

It was clear that if we were going to create a viable business through this new technology called microfiber, we would first have to find the highest quality available and then continuously monitor the industry to ensure that we were not surpassed. Our search led us to the product we offer today, an ultrafine microfiber manufactured in Japan, and assembled for us in Sweden. We, then, became the pioneers of microfiber cleaning in the USA.

The second priority was that of selling. How could we convince the average American to buy such a "miracle cloth"? The concept of super dust cloths has been around for quite some time. Would people believe the advertising? Would they read the product information? We thought not. The concept was then, and is now, too new. The cloth must be demonstrated. One person must show another . . . a form of network marketing was the answer.

In April of 1996, The Trasan Network was launched with a vision to "Change the Way America Cleans". To this date, we’ve seen multitudes of our members adopt the Trasan method of cleaning and augment their family income though sharing the Trasan product with their friends, neighbors and developing home-based businesses.

Our philosophy is simple and straightforward. We are committed to providing the highest quality of microfiber available, regardless of where it is manufactured, along with the supporting our members with the education that is needed. And, if necessary, we will change manufacturers in order to fulfill this commitment.

Furthermore, we will place an unconditional, 100%, money-back guarantee on our products.

Therefore, the plan: Sell the finest microfiber products available in the world; market them through the good word of satisfied customers, and, finally, guarantee them unconditionally.

It’s just that simple! The Trasan Network continues to expanded its line to include the best and most durable microfiber products available. 

Members of the Trasan Network enjoy discounts of 30, 35 and 40% on their orders and rewards for referring others into the Network. Credits of $25, $50 and $100 toward future purchases are awarded for each new member.

The Trasan Network is setting the standard in microfiber cleaning that others are trying to duplicate. Look for us to continue leading the way in this exciting new industry.


The Trasan® Network
39252 Winchester Rd, Suite #107-411, Murrieta, CA 92563

Office Phone Toll-Free 866-487-2726 (866 – 4Trasan)
or 866-280-5566

Fax: 858-432-4472
Voice Mail (24 Hr Toll-Free): 888-724-6677


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