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Welcome to the latest method of drying yourself! The Trasan Bath Towel is a totally new experience!

With a traditional bath towel, the drying process is one of trying to push the water from the body into the towel. We use brisk and firm pressure to remove the moisture – we’re trying to physically force the water into the towel.

The Trasan Bath Towel functions differently. It’s actually easier to use because physical strength is not necessary. It will absorb water on contact. Rather than gliding across the body, it would rather stop and take a second to drink each drop of water.

To capitalize on the Bath Towel’s power, you should use a blotting action. You can completely dry yourself with little more effort than a series of gentle pats. The towel does the work!

For those who can do without the rigors of the vigorous drying process after bathing, the Trasan Bath Towel is a real winner. It may take a little getting used to, but what a pleasure it can be -- especially for seniors with physical limitations, or anyone with a health problem for whom the drying process may be difficult, if not exhausting. Swimmers will also appreciate this quick and effective method of drying off.

The Trasan Bath Towel is very large. It measures approximately 59" x 30" and can actually encompass 2 people. It is almost 5 feet tall!

Care and Cleaning:

Care for it as you would your other Trasan products – launder it in your washer and dryer, avoid fabric softener, and never, never, never use bleach.

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Bath Towel - $34.99 (approx. 59" x 30")





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