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The Car Lover’s Amazing Water-Only Microfiber Cleaning Arsenal

Everything you need to clean the inside and outside
including spots on the carpet and upholstery without the use of chemicals.

Perfect for cars of all types and sizes!

This kit includes Classic Cloth, Mesh Pad, Heavy Hitter, Ultimate Glass Cleaner and Spray Bottle.

For larger vehicles such as RV’s, trucks, and boats.
This kit includes Classic Cloth, Waffle Weave Buffer, Heavy Hitter, Mesh Pad, Ultimate Glass Cleaner, Large Classic Cloth and Spray Bottle

Suggested Applications:

Classic Cloth 
Clean your entire car, both inside and out. It’s safe for all painted surfaces. Use it, too, for the dashboard and doors. This cloth makes an excellent “chamois” for drying. 

Waffle Weave Buffer
Guarantees your windows, both inside and out, will be streak-free even in direct sunlight. 

Heavy Hitter 
When you need a little extra power to clean your wheels, spots on the carpet or upholstery, etc., this is your tool!

Mesh Pad 
Your solution for removing those bugs, both on the windshield and front end of your car. It’s excellent, too, for getting those chunks of road tar behind the tires.

Ultimate Glass Cleaner 
Guarantees the inside of your windows will be streak-free. 

Pocket Sprayer – 8 oz. 
An absolute must for maintaining your vehicle. How many times have you said to yourself, “I need a little more moisture here?” You will use it for touch-up on your windows, the dash, vinyl trim, a spot on the carpet or upholstery, and it will fit very nicely in your pocket. 

All Trasan products can be laundered in the washer and dryer. Refer to the information provided with each item. However, never, never, never use liquid chlorine bleach.

Basic Car Cleaning Kit
- $64.99



Deluxe Car Cleaning Kit
- $110.99





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