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How it Works

The many uses for Trasan
Just water? That's right!
Customer's Comments

It couldn't be easier to clean
your Trasan cloths and mop pads!

Give 'em a quick clean up -
Grab all of your Trasan cloths, towels and pads, and then toss them in the family washing machine. Hot water works best for cleaning our products... in fact, the hotter the better -- it makes the fibers swell and release the trapped dirt. But for regular, every day cleaning, warm water will work just fine. Use your favorite laundry detergent, avoid liquid fabric softener, and NEVER, NEVER, NEVER use liquid chlorine bleach.

Got a stubborn stain or trapped debris in your cloth?
For stubborn soil on your cloths, such as gum, tar, grease, tree sap, etc., just place the Trasan in a plastic bowl, cover with hot water and heat it well in your microwave. Then, using a small brush or old vegetable brush, lightly scrub the area and wash and dry as usual. 

BUT . . .

Regardless of the method of cleaning your cloth you choose, never, never, never use bleach as it will destroy the microfiber.

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