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Trasan Towels and Cloths

For all around the house and more . . .

Trasan Classic Cloths
By far, the finest and safest microfiber cleaning cloth you will ever use.

Heavy Hitter

For those tougher jobs, the heavy hitter will clean it faster.

Eye Glass Cloth

For eyeglasses and more . . . Originally made for jewelers, perfect for cameras, binoculars.

Sports Towel

The perfect companion for active people, featuring a size that was made for your neck.

Bath Towel

An enormous bath towel almost 5 feet long that takes the effort out of drying. It dries on contact and is 
super light in weight.

Hair Turban

Healthier for your hair than blow-drying and saves valuable time. Perfect for travelers.

Golf Towel

Every golfer's "gotta-have-one." It's a one-man army on the golf course and for sports.

For the kitchen . . .

Kitchen & Hand Towel

Absorbs water on contact, dries quickly with no streaks and leaves your dishes glistening.

Dish Towel

This super absorbing microfiber towel has the look and feel of the towels our grandma's used.

Ribbed Utility Towel

Soft, not sticky, bleachable ribbed utility towel. A perfect addition to your kitchen.

Dish Pads

Great for pots and pans, cleaning fruits and vegetables. Keep near the sink, you'll love it!

For safely taking care of all your Trasan cloths & towels  . . .

Laundry Bag
Safely wash and dry your Trasan microfiber products using our new Laundry Bag.


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