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As you know, Trasan’s Waffle Weave Kitchen Towel and Waffle Weave Buffer are the most absorbent towels we offer. Here is a totally new product made from this same thirsty towel fabric…

Suggested uses:

A Coaster Cloth for Beverages! The warmer seasons present quite a challenge when it comes to enjoying cold beverages. The higher the temperature, the more the glass will perspire. What to do? Paper napkins are great at first, but as time goes on they need to be replaced. Actual coasters, although they give you something to set your beverage on, create their own problems. Many do not absorb the perspiration, and some cause the drink to stick to the coaster. And what a mess that is when you pick up your glass and the coaster drops onto the table or floor!

Enter Trasan, the Waffle Weave Coaster Cloth. It’s the perfect size for any drink (4” x 4”) and it works for both hot and cold beverages. These Coasters will function much better than a paper napkin and are so much more functional and safer, than a standard coaster with a pronounced lip. Now granted, they will reach a point when they have become full of moisture. That’s an easy fix – just pick up the damp one and replace it with a fresh one. Launder when necessary, toss in the dryer or air dry.

A Makeup Remover. If you are one that has been using our Classic Cloths to help with your makeup removal, you’ll need to try one of these. Our microfiber “Coasters” are gentler than our cleaning cloths. Try one and you’ll see.

A Furniture Protector. Use under a variety of decorative and functional household objects to protect your furniture from scratching. 

A Mom’s or Grandma’s Best Friend. Keep a few of these handy when you’re out with the little ones. What an easy remedy for a messy mouth or a little spill – or a place to set that little snack! There are undoubtedly an infinite number of “surprises” for which this little absorbent square is the answer. 

Color: White only, finished on all 4 sides.
Size: 4” x 4” 
Price: $2.00 each - Minimum order-6, BUY 6-GET 1 FREE


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Microfiber Waffle Weave Cloth Coasters



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