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Trasan Gift Ideas

Moisture Gift Sets
Cloth Gift Sets
These beautiful gifts sets are "ready-to-give" and
are available in 2-Item and 3-Item boxes with 
your choice of contents.

Bath Towel
This towel is perfect for those who might have
difficulty drying after bathing. The body dries almost
on contact with only gentle pressure.

Children's Hooded Towels
These adorable plush after-bath wrap-ups are made of 100% microfiber, making them velvety soft and super absorbent. Complete with corner hand pouches and animal faces on the hoods.

Bowling Ball Carrier & Polisher
A must gift for the bowler on your list! It not only protects but cleans at the same time enabling the bowler to obtain the best score possible. An oil free, clean ball works best.

Golf Towel
Every golfer's "gotta-have-one." It's a one-
man army on the golf course.

Hair Turban
Healthier for your hair than blow-drying and
saves valuable time. Perfect for travelers.


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