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These 100% microfiber gloves will, once again, solve a unique cleaning problem that no other product in our line can. They are gloves - not mittens, so that your fingers can access those areas that are difficult to manage with the Classic Cloth. One size fits all and they are interchangeable from the left hand to the right hand.

The gloves can be used either dry or damp. They are machine washable and come in only one color – white.

They are available only in a 3-pair package. You’ll need the convenience of being able to continue your task without having to wash the glove, as you would if you had only one.

Here are three examples of those unique cleaning applications and how they might benefit you or someone you know.

Window Blinds -- Not necessarily the blades -- use the Classic Cloth for that -- but near the chords and edges, the tough areas to get to.

Plants – There’s not an easier way to dust plant leaves, both real and artificial. Clean leaves will certainly make your indoor plants healthier.

Arthritis -- For those who have the desire to clean, but also have physical limitations, the gloves may make the difference.

If you should choose to wear the gloves, you’ll find that they will retain the heat of your body and keep your hands warm longer than similar knit gloves—because it is the nature of microfiber to attract and hold!

And they will make a excellent glove "liner" for VERY cold weather.

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Microfiber Gloves - $39.99 for 3 Pair

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