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These plush after-bath wrap-ups will be an all-time favorite with the kiddies on your gift list. They are made of 100% microfiber and they’re soft and super absorbent. They’re the perfect item for drying those little ones, while keeping them warm at the same time. And they come with an animal face on the hood!
The towels also have a little pouch in each corner for the child’s hands. This allows them to control the towel and stay snuggled.

These adorable gifts come in 4 colors – pink with a bunny face, white with a bunny face, blue with a bear face and yellow with a duck face. The baby in the photo is 18 months old, but the towels have been worn by six-year-olds, as well. They will wear for years and become very special to children—like Linus and his blanket!

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Children's Hooded Towels - $42.99









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