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The many uses of Trasan

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Taking care of your Trasan
Just water? That's right!

Our cloth is tough like fishing line – but it's not.
It works like sandpaper -- but it's not. 
And it feels like velvet – but it's not. 

A picture is worth a 1,000 words, but we won't take that many for  this explanation.

In simple, straightforward language,
this is what the Trasan cloth is and how it works…

Picture #1 shows our cloth as we all know it.

Picture #2 is the same cloth magnified so that the numerous tiny fibers can be seen.

And Picture #3 is an even stronger magnification, so that one individual fiber is apparent.

The fibers that go into Trasan's ultra microfiber cloth are man-made of nylon and polyester. There is nothing natural in these fibers, however, it is precisely because they are man-made that they are so unique and almost magical. 

Originally, the fibers are 1/100th the diameter of a human hair, making them so thin that the human eye is not able to see them. Then, before they are woven into the cloth seen in #1, they are split to produce what appears to be spider-like legs, as shown in #3.

The combination of this special fiber and the splitting process enables the mass of finished fibers to produce a capillary force when the cloth is damp and, thereby, act like a magnet when cleaning.

When you look at an individual fiber, as shown in #3, you'll see the many places for grease, grime and dirt to be held after it is attracted by the magnetic-like pull.

Then consider the tens of thousands of fibers that are used to manufacture our cloth, as seen in #2. It is little wonder that it performs the way does! It's a jungle in there -- and dirt, grease and grime are the prey.

These tiny fibers are invisible to the naked eye, but woven together they are so numerous that they drastically increase the cleaning surface of the material.

The result is that a Trasan cloth is able to accumulate and absorb more particles of dirt and bacteria than any other fabric known.

To understand how thin the fibers are in our cloths, consider that it takes the fiber in only 33, placed end to end, to reach around the earth!

Imagine if you will that your fist is this man-made fiber that is 1/100 the size of a human hair. Imagine too, that because of its composition, it's a magnet. The process of splitting this fiber to create those tiny little microfibers can be likened to extending your fingers from your fist.

Try it … make a fist and then stretch your fingers out. Notice the space between them. This is the storage space that the magnet (your fist) pulls the dust, grease, bacteria, chemicals, etc. into and then holds it until you wash it out. Now consider that there are 10's and 10's of thousands of these storage compartments in each cloth.

It's no wonder that Trasan's "ultra-fine microfiber" cloth is the finest money can buy. 

If you haven't given this miracle cloth a chance to impress you,
please do . . . because it will!

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