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Now you can safely wash, and/or dry, your Trasan microfiber products using our new Laundry Bag, without worrying about attracting lint and “fluff” from other laundry items. You can also feel free to add “dryer sheets” when drying the family laundry, knowing that your Trasan products are protected!

Laundry bags have been popularly used to protect delicate clothing and linens from damage by washing machine agitation, as well as contact with other objects in the wash load, but today there is an additional need for this bag, particularly the unique Trasan Laundry Bag! It is perfectly suited to our wonderful new world of microfiber products and the care required to insure their optimum and continued effectiveness.

The Trasan Laundry Bag is roomy, versatile, and a natural fit in your Trasan cleaning “arsenal”.


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Trasan's Laundry Bag - $19.99 (approx. 15" x 18")






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