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Our Original Trasan Bath Towel Returns!!

Our current Plush Bath Towel and Plush Bath Sheet are very popular, however, we have had many requests for our original Bath Towel. So, we heard you!

We are re-introducing our first Bath Towel, as a Light-weight Bath Sheet ... because that’s really what it is!

Here’s the education that went with that towel when we introduced it several years ago.

“First of all, we are not suggesting that this towel replace the bath towel you are currently using. Let us repeat...we are not suggesting that you replace your current bath towel with this Light-weight Bath Sheet!! Some of you might, but it isn't a certainty. Surprised? You should be. Here's the story:

Currently, when we finish taking a shower or a bath and it’s time to dry off, that process is one in which we physically try to push the water from our body into the towel. We use brisk and firm pressure to drive the water into the towel. Think about this the next time you bathe.

This towel is used differently. It is easier to use because physical strength is not necessary. It will absorb on contact much like the Trasan Turban, but to capitalize on its power, you should use a blotting action. Allow the fabric to remain in a particular spot a second or two.

The Trasan Bath Sheet is very large. It measures approximately 29" x 60". It is softer than the Sport Towel and, when wrapped around your shoulders and just pulled tight and snug, the towel's power literally pulls the water from your body. Wrap it around at your waist and the result is the same. You can completely dry yourself with little more effort than a series of gentle pats.

We’ve tested this towel on a regular basis, interchanging it with a regular bath towel. The bottom line is that some prefer a regular bath towel. Old habits are hard to break and some folks prefer the brisk, vigorous motion of the drying process.

Many, however, think these Microfiber bath towels are the greatest thing ever, and would be willing to give up almost all of their cotton towels for them. 

One of our staff members is involved in a water aerobics class three mornings a week and absolutely loves using it when she gets out of the water. It really absorbs the water quickly, actually drawing the water from her bathing suit, which makes the drive home more comfortable.

The Bath Towel is a little “clingy” when you try to push it over your body and that is the primary reason some will prefer the traditional cotton alternative. 

Our recommendation for the Trasan Light-weight Bath Sheet:

It is excellent for those with physical ailments that would prevent them from reaching or bending in total comfort. It is great for those with arthritis or injuries that prevent them for working “on all cylinders”, even on a temporary basis. This towel is excellent for those with a medical condition where dizziness or balance is a concern.

If you are one that could live without the rigors of the brisk and vigorous drying process after bathing, this could be your salvation. Think of this for your grandmother, or someone on your holiday list that has those physical limitations. It's a dream come true.

This towel is perfect for the RV’er in that it is large and light-weight at the same time. It requires less time to dry and takes less space for storage.”

Measures 29” x 60”

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