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Over the years, The Trasan Network has built a floor care system that is unmatched in terms of versatility, performance and durability. A Trasan Mop has become a highly valued commodity in the market of quality cleaning products.

We started more than 15 years ago with a single mop – the Small. It was the first telescoping swivel head mop ever sold in this country! And using a microfiber pad – with water only to clean -- was revolutionary.

Today, our mopping system includes 3 different size mops, 3 different types of pads and unique additions that have made the idea of a Mop Kit almost a foregone conclusion. 

It’s here, and at a price that is considerably cheaper than you would pay if you bought the complete mop and then bought the extras that we offer in the Kit, at their regular price

All Kits contain 3 pads, and a Scrub Strip and the Super Deluxe Kit includes our Wand. 

Here’s what we’re talking about…

We have expanded our mop applications to include a pad specifically designed for damp moping, which we call the Flat Pad. Another was designed to be versatile enough to be used for both damp and dry moping, the Loop Pad. And the third, which is recommended to be used dry and is excellent for walls and high places is our Dust Pad

The Scrub Strip was later invented for those sticky spots usually found on the kitchen floor, heel marks from shoes, and any other hard-to-remove spot. This strip attaches between the base and the pad and enables you to simply step on it while it is over the spot in question and, with a bit of rubbing, the job is done -- without bending over and without excessive “back and forth” pressure on the mop.

And finally, the Wand. This little handheld dusting lifesaver enables you to go behind heavy furniture, under heavy objects like refrigerators, and reach high places such as ceiling fans or the tops of book shelves, safely. This devise can be bent as you like and the microfiber sleeve is easily removed for laundering.

The Wand is made to be a natural extension to your Trasan Mop Handle. Imagine reaching cobwebs that are up in the corner of a room some 15 to 18 feet high while your feet are planted firmly on the floor!

You can easily see how the Mop Kits have expanded to fulfill a variety of cleaning objectives and all with the chemical-free application of Trasan’s high quality microfiber!

Take advantage of the savings offered in our Mop Kits. You will be glad you did.

Deluxe Mop Kit includes a complete Mop, a Loop, Flat and Dust Pad, and a Scrub Strip.

Small - $189.95
Medium - $224.95
Large - $249.95

The Super Deluxe Kit includes everything in the Deluxe Kit PLUS a Wand with microfiber cover.

Small - $229.95
Medium - $264.95
Large - $289.95

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Small - 13" base

Medium - 18" base

Large - 27" base

Deluxe Mop Kit

Super Deluxe Mop Kit



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