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Here it is – the very finest in bath luxury!

The Plush Bath Towel measures 26 x48 inches and is 100% Microfiber, but -- and there is a very big “but” I doesn’t feel like Microfiber in any way – it isn’t “sticky” at all and it doesn’t cling. It “feels” better than the finest cotton towel you have ever used, with all the advantages of high quality Microfiber.

This is the finest bath towel we have ever offered and we are delighted that the Microfiber industry is continuing to evolve and improve in such exciting ways. We’ve now arrived at a bath towel that you would want to offer your most respected houseguests. This towel will function like Microfiber, in that it will dry on contact, but it will behave like cotton, meaning it will slide easily across your body and through your hair. You will revel in the amazing comfort and performance it offers. 

What feels better than a nice hot shower or bath on a cold winter’s eve? A Trasan Plush Bath Towel added to that experience!

Colors: Medium Blue, Light Sage, Rich Brown and Light Cream

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Plush Bath Towel - $39.99 (approx. 26" x 48")








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