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Had an accident? Kids run off playing with your mop?

No need to buy an entire mop. Choose your replacement part below.

Our telescopic handles are also interchangeable with all three of our different size mop bases. If you find yourself needing to change the size of your mop you may want to consider just buying the base and pad rather than the entire mop. 

Additionally, some users prefer the small base and pad for doing the outside of their windows and the medium base for their floors.

Whatever your need or desire a replacement part is available.

Click-to-Lock Replacement Handle only - $59.95
Small Mop Base (13" wide) - $43.95
Medium Mop Base (18" wide) - $47.95
Large Mop Base (27" wide) - $49.95

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Mop Base

Mop Base

Mop Base




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