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“Ribbed” – General Utility – Microfiber Towel

Size: 14” x 18”
Color: White only
Material: 100% Bleachable Microfiber 

What??? Bleachable Microfiber? Yes!!! And it is great!!! Here’s the story:

Although the towel is 100% microfiber, this microfiber is not split, as it is in all of the other microfiber products we carry. And it is not “sticky” in any manner, shape or form. In fact, it is very soft to the touch, and being microfiber, it is still more absorbent than any cotton towel you’ll ever find. It’s efficient and durable like all other Trasan microfiber products.

You will use the Ribbed Towel primarily in the kitchen for most general cleanups and drying. However, because it is a general utility towel, there is a limit to its capabilities when compared to the Trasan microfiber you have been using. But there’s definitely a place for this handy item – and more than one – in every home.

Your Trasan cleaning arsenal has expanded yet again! You have the Classic Cloth, the Heavy Hitter, and the Next Generation Classic, all of which are extraordinary cleaning tools, and an array of powerful kitchen towels -- the Waffle Weave, the Kitchen and Hand Towel, the Dish Towel, and now the versatile Ribbed Towel.

This Ribbed Utility Towel does not take the place of any Trasan product, but rather, it adds to the convenience and joy of your life in the kitchen. 

It’s our belief that you have never dried your hands on a softer kitchen towel. And “The Ribbed” is the perfect size. You can use it dry, as you would a kitchen towel, or damp, as you would a cleaning cloth. It is the combination of two worlds meeting in that perfect middle ground. 

Soft – Not Sticky – Bleachable – Larger than our cleaning cloths – Smaller than our kitchen towels. This towel is the perfect companion to your existing Trasan kitchen towels and at a price that can't be beat.

4 Ribbed 14” x 18” towels for $19.99


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Ribbed Utility Towel - $19.99 (Set of 4)





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