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 The Trasan “Sport/Personal Towel” is yet another unique product in our line that, when used properly, will give you exceptional results.

At 16”x32”, it‘s an extremely handy towel. It's 100% microfiber, of course, and is intended for use on the body—absorbing perspiration due to physical exertion is the ideal application. You will notice that this towel will glide across your skin in much the same fashion as a traditional cotton towel, but with all the advantages of Trasan microfiber.
This is the towel you’ll want to take along when you’re running, biking, playing tennis, working out at the gym, gardening – engaging in any activity or form of exertion that makes you perspire. It’s also terrific for the pool, spa or dressing area.

We had it made in this special size so that you can sling it around your neck and it will stay put. And with six colors to choose from, you’ll want to have several, each for a different purpose perhaps.

Care and Cleaning:

The Sport Towel is a specialty product that quickly becomes a “necessity”. Care for it as you would your other Trasan items – launder it in your washer and dryer, avoid fabric softener, and never, never, never use bleach.

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Sport Towel - $12.99 (approx. 16" x 31")










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