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Miracle cloth challenged!

What is it about demonstrations of this cloth that seems to bring out the "worst" in people? I mean, would you show your friend or even some stranger the grodiest or most disgusting spots in your house, the kind that you just give up on and cover with a potted plant?

As they issue these challenges with a wicked gleam in their eyes, you grab your trusty Trasan and send up a little prayer, "Please God, let it work". And darned, if it doesn't, like on our recent trip to Alaska where our niece challenged the rag to remove the dreaded cat puke stain on the carpet—and it did, or the unknown black stain in the other corner—and it did, or the Kool-Aid stain on the white counter top that a scrub brush and 409 couldn't remove—and the Trasan did.

Is this product amazing or what?

Mike and Mary Ann R. -- Florence, Oregon

Trip to the dentist not so bad ...

I had to share with you an example of how wonderful the Trasan cloths are and how easy they are to sell.

Just before Christmas, I had an appointment at the dentist office. The dentist is situated close to the street and when it is rainy or snowy, the front window gets splashed from the passing vehicles speeding by. I had mentioned to one of the dental hygienists that I had a cloth that would solve the problem of the grimy outside window and the finger prints on the inside. I told her that there was no spray to use, just hot water. Of course, she didn't believe me and told me to bring one in so she might try it out.

On my next visit, I brought 2 Trasan cloths with me and she was so amazed at how nicely it worked that she bought the second cloth for her home. Two days later, she called me to order 2 more cloths. She was going to give one to her mother and her sister as stocking stuffers. She said that after she had purchase the second cloth from me, she went home to try it. A mother of her daughter’s friend had stopped by and she apologized and said that she wasn't trying to be rude but she just couldn't stop cleaning with this new cloth that she had gotten. This had peaked the interest of this lady visiting and, as I am sure you can tell, another sale had came into place.

I don't believe I have ever enjoyed going to the dentist more than I had that time. Not only did I get my teeth cleaned, but the dentist office got their windows cleaned, plus a few new customers are now experiencing those wonderful Trasan cloths.

Jeanette W. -- St. Paul, MN

Trasan beats out special appliance cleaners!

Thanks for the latest and greatest update. I love reading the testimonials.

With all the remodeling going on here at the house, the Trasan products have be so useful. It has been great for dusting, mopping, cleaning windows, wiping up paint, you name it and we have used the Trasan to clean it. I thought for sure the paint would not come out of the rag, but it came out in the wash. Pretty cool.

We have granite and stainless steel appliances in the kitchen now. I used the "special cleaning" stuff that came with the appliances to polish them. Gross! All it did was make some big ugly smears. I rubbed and rubbed and it stilled didn’t get "polished". I decided to try the rag. It took all the smears off and made the appliances look like they just came out of the box. So neat!!!! I also use the rag on the granite countertops which does not leave any water marks. Again, so neat!!!

I just thought you would like to hear some of our winning stories with the Trasan.

Mariam D. -- Concord, CA

Miracle cloth saves the cat ... and husband!

My husband was busy putting blacktop sealer on our driveway. I kissed him good-bye and left him with the messy work. Two hours later, I returned to a husband who said, "We have a problem!"

Someone had left the door between the garage and family room open. He didn't notice until the family cat ran across the wet driveway into the garage and into the family room! My husband was afraid the cat would get to the hardwood floor and then to the white carpeting so, of course, he ran after the cat with his tar shoes on. The cat stopped about 17 ft. into the family room carpet. Cat prints and man prints in black tar. My husband, not knowing what to do, did nothing. I said, "Get the Miracle Cloths!" He started on one end and I, on the other. Within minutes, the tar was gone and my husband and cat are still alive and we are all happy.

S. Pierce -- Mt. Morris, IL

Don't leave home without it!

From the Trasan office:
We’ve talked often about the Trasan Cloth "saving the day"-- whether it be spills on the carpet or furniture, messes in the car, or accidents on clothing.

Recently, we heard of another crisis where the cloth came to the rescue…one of those formal occasions when "accidents" are catastrophic – unless you have a Trasan.

It was the Junior/Senior Prom and our distributor reports that her neighbor’s daughter was on the way there with her boyfriend when the unthinkable happened. A vile of some kind of green liquid which hung from the boy’s key chain erupted as he knocked it against the steering wheel when getting out of the car.

And you know what happened…he had green spots all over his white tuxedo! They rushed back to the girl’s home where they frantically tried to think of solutions – and then the girl said, "Get out your Trasan Cloth, Mom. It’s supposed to do miracles."

And, once again, it did! They report that all the spots came out and they were able to attend the dance as planned, with no one knowing what had happened.

It’s another reminder that a Trasan Cloth is a must when the occasion is special. It’s the insurance we all need to save those wonderful days, whether it be weddings, birthdays, graduation, family photo time, etc. so, remember, don't leave home without it!

Bob Hughes -- Trasan Corporate

Takes play dough out of carpet

The following testimonial was forwarded by Merle R. (Pittsburgh, CA):

Yes, it truly is the "miracle" cloth. When you told me about it I was a little skeptical, as I couldn't really believe that just one simple looking soft cloth could do all that you said. Well, to my surprise, it did what you said, what the pamphlet said and much more. It takes play dough out of carpeting!!! Nothing I have ever tried before ever did that without leaving a spot in the carpet. And the last resort to getting that stuff out of carpeting was to take scissors and trim the carpet fibers off. All I did was rinse the "RAG" in very hot water, apply some elbow grease, and out the play dough went.

That "Rag" cleans everything and the biggest job it does for us is our kitchen table. We read the newspaper at the table, which is a light cream color with a somewhat porous formica top. The newspaper print gets imbedded in the table top and makes it look dirty. But all I have to do is use the "RAG", and the table sparkles!

My Dad's dog had wee-wee'd on his new oriental carpet and ,of course, not on the flowered design, but on the very light colored cream border, where any kind of dirt, etc. would show. He used the "RAG" and elbow grease and the spots all came out.

Now, that is really something to write about. It needs to be put down in the record books as one of the Wonders of the World. I have literally used no other cleaning products except the "Rag".

Washing it is so easy, just throw it in the washing machine with the regular clothes. NO BLEACH and it's as good as new once again…..this "RAG" just keeps on chuggin'.

Many thanks to you for introducing me to it.

Bobbi S. -- Pittsburg, CA

Dreaming about Trasan?

I have never written to you before but am taking that step today. We are snow/ice bound in MN today. :-) I enjoy your Trasan Updates and am impressed with your seeming warmth and good character. Very refreshing! I would like to share a story of my own ...

I sell the Trasan cloths as a very low-key distributor, because I like the cloths so much myself that I am eager to make them available to others. I am not a "salesman" and therefore have trouble with sales pitches. However, every now and then I have stepped back and listened to myself when I start talking about the Trasan cloths...I can hardly believe my ears. You have a wonderful product!

The testimonials that you e-mail us are very good, but I find that I only read a few of them and then move on. Why? Because I hear so many "like ones" from my customers. Every time I sell a cloth, I think maybe I over-estimate their worth and that this person will not agree. But when I follow up and ask them how things are going... I hear their excited testimonials. It is so much fun! And such good, lighthearted conversation.

The most different one that I have to share is from our church secretary. She sought me out at church last Sunday to tell me that she had dreamt about her Trasan cloth. She said, "I dreamt that it turned gray! Do I need a life, or what?" We had a really good laugh. I assured her that even in the dirtiest of jobs, my Trasan cloths had not lost their beautiful color. She had not been able to force herself to get the cloth dirty yet. Using it only for light housekeeping. It is a hard step for most people.

Another person this week bought three. One for herself and two for gifts. She ended up keeping two for herself and gave one to her husband. Maybe she'll be back for more..... Oops, I said that I had only one story. It is so hard to stop....

Happy to be part of The Trasan Network. Thank you for your time!

Kathy S. -- MN

Short, sweet and to the point!

After over 5 years my current cloth has a couple of holes and the edges are starting to fray. Its the most remarkable product I have ever used!

Barbara S. -- Tucson, AZ

Dirty, dusty walls get the treatment!

I wanted you to read what my niece wrote to me today. I sold her a miracle cloth last year. She is finally beginning to use it the right way:

" ... Just wanted to let you know I've been thinking about you a good bit of the afternoon. Been snowbound the past couple of days and today I got a wild hair, and decided that I couldn't stand how dirty/dusty the walls were and decided it was time to scrub! Your Trasan cloth (maroon, my favorite) got a SERIOUS workout today! I usually dust with it, and wipe the kitchen counters, stove, toaster, teapot and breadbox with it, but today it outdid itself. Still have a number of walls to go, don't think they've been really wiped down WELL since just before they were painted 5 years ago when we moved in. Sure looks Great! Thanks again for the terrific cleaning rag."

I also want to tell you how much I like the sport towels. My husband is using one in his bathroom and really likes it. Whenever it is in the laundry and I have a different towel in there, he comes out and says, "What did you do with my towel?" Thanks for the great product.

Jeannine A. -- Graham, WA

Old Tupperware like brand new ...

I just love your miracle cloth. I clean every thing with it. I would like to tell everyone how wonderful it works on old Tupperware. I was cleaning up some things of my folks. There was a sticky-icky deviled egg-keeper so I used the miracle cloth on it, just with hot water. WOW! It was like brand new. Couldn't believe it.

Thanks again for a great product.

Kay R. -- Livingston, MT

The 4th of July, BBQ and Trasan to the rescue!

It’s a tradition at our house to invite our friends and family over on the Fourth of July to enjoy a BBQ "ala Bob," some games of horseshoes, and the wonderful community fireworks display set to patriotic music which we can enjoy from the deck of our home. This year, in the midst of all of all the fun, one of our closest friends spilled Barbecue sauce down the front of her brand-new red and white striped knit top. She was panicked because the garment was not cheap. Sounds familiar, doesn't it? I kid you not. It really happened and you can probably figure out the rest, right ?!

Yes, I knew what to do! Actually, my wife took care of it. She immediately took Joan into the house, thoroughly dampened one end of a Trasan cloth with hot water and they began to work. After several dampenings of the rag and some patient rubbing, the long red spot was gone. Joan—who had not had much time for the rag before—was overjoyed. And did she take one home? Most definitely! And insisted on paying full price.

My wife adds that it is always a bit intimidating to tackle a tomato-based stain. The trick seems to be to get to it as quickly as possible, use hot water and a wet, rather than damp, Trasan cloth.

The result is truly amazing!

Trasan Member

Dog survives and car is fine too, thanks to Trasan!

My mother had a frightening experience last week when a black Lab ran out in front of her car. She was unable to avoid the dog and ran over it.

A teen boy picked up the injured dog who was losing lots of blood and my mother drove him to the animal hospital. The dog miraculously survived, is doing well, and is expected to recover completely, but my mother's very light-colored interior of her car was badly stained with blood.

My aunt wanted to help and used her Trasan cloth. She had great results. The blood came out of the tan carpeting, seatbelts and tan leather seats, plus all of their clothes.

Very happy ending all the way around!

Trasan Member

Letter from excited new Trasan user!

TRASAN Members Toney & Kerstin forwarded this letter to us:

"I LOVE my Trasan cloth! Thank you a million for introducing us! I used it the day you gave it to me. I wiped down the bathroom first. When I went to the floor, I thought to myself, "it's hardly dirty tonight, this isn't much of a test." I wiped it down and was shocked to see what was on the cloth! Now I was excited. I headed for my kitchen…now there's a test. I wiped it down in no time. Everything sparkles! Now the kitchen floor…a daily nightmare at best. Especially when Destyn did a Picasso in orange crayon. I always used Comet on crayon - boo boo - I never considered Trasan would take off crayon….but it did! I've fried Abalone and cleaned the stove in about one minute. What it does to mirrors - fantastic!

I have replaced 5 cleaning agents I use on a daily basis and rolls of paper towels in the last three days. I am thrilled and amazed! But I really didn't write to tell you all this, because you already know it. I want to tell my Mom, Sister, Brother, Mother-in-law, Sister-in-laws, friends, my bible study group, my parenting class group, etc.…. but I don't know if you are really set up for business yet. Please let me know as soon as you are."

via Tony & Kerstin, Trasan Members

It just takes one Trasan experience!

I bought my rag purely out of the goodness of my heart to support my friend. I used it as a dry dust rag and thought "big deal". Shortly thereafter, I had the windshield doctor come and repair a star in my windshield. He was very enthusiastic and confident about the job he was doing. Every time I got in the drivers side and he got in the passengers side. An hour later he was finished and he did a great job repairing the cracks.

The next day, driving around doing my errands, I glanced down at the passenger seat and gasped. Apparently, the windshield doctor had a blue pen in his back pocket and proceeded to scribble on the seat in a 5 x 7-inch area. I freaked! Because I take care of my car the way some people take care of their kids! So, after calming down, I reviewed my options as to what to do. Then I thought of the miracle rag and said, "if this is really a MIRACLE rag, it'll work."

Wouldn't you know, it took every speck of pen out of my seat! I was so pleased; I took it to work and showed my friends how it worked, removing coffee stains, etc. from the carpet. Instantly I sold 7 rags and that afternoon signed up as a distributor. I'm now know as "The Rag Queen." Thank you for such a great product.

Martha A -- Denville, NJ

Found Trasan and life changed!

I would like to tell you how much I like the cleaning cloths. I am a housekeeper for several families. I have been working for most of them for 12 years. I was getting to a point where I felt, even though I like my work, that I would need to quit because the fumes from the cleaning chemicals I used every day were causing me health problems. I suffered with allergies and knew I was damaging my lungs. Then I found the Trasan rags and my life changed. I have used them for over a year and a half now and I can really tell the difference. I was taking allergy medication almost every day. I was very stuffed up at night and couldn't sleep. I often had sinus infections that required prescription drugs. I now rarely need any allergy medications and I haven't had any infections at all. I even lost the lung cough I had.

I didn't have to quit my work and cleaning became a great joy. I'm still amazed at the things I can do with "my rags". I have them in all the homes I clean. I won't work with out them. I just told everyone, "It’s Trasan or else." In the time I have been using them, I have had no complaints that things aren't as nice as they use to be. If anything, they are better. I worried a bit about not using disinfectants, but there has been no change in the health in any of the homes I clean. When asked if you don't have to disinfect, I just point out that no one ever really disinfects any way. Read the directions for disinfecting on any cleaning chemical and it says to clean, then wet with the cleaner and keep it wet for ten minutes. No one does that. It is just a waste of money. I believe that the fibers in the cloths must pick up bacteria as well or better than any cleaner.

Well, I didn't mean to get carried away, but I do that often when I talk about Trasan."

Wilma B. -- Riverdale, UT

Diaper doesn't hold, yikes!

My mom recently signed up with your company as a distributor (I will be soon too!) She gave me one of your cloths to try out. I had used it around the house on all kinds of things and really liked it, it did a great job on everything.

I work at a family-owned furniture store and thought I would bring it to work to show my boss how well it worked on mirrors, glass and sticky gunk (from stickers). She has a 3 month old baby that is at work with us. We were kind of busy and she was feeding the baby in the back room when one of the guys came out and said "Judi, Mary needs you NOW." I ran back and she was in a panic.

She had on a brand new light gray linen blazer (first time she had worn it), the baby had messed her pants and the diaper didn't hold. She had a big baby poop green stain right across the front of her new jacket (and a little spit up on the shoulder) I said wait a minute, I have something we'll try! I ran and got the Trasan out of my purse, rinsed it in hot water and started scrubbing. It took about 10 minutes of scrubbing and rinsing but I got it ALL out and her jacket looked like new when it dried! She was SO relieved and surprised. She thought for sure her new jacket was ruined. I still haven't gotten to try it on much in the store, but I think She'll be my first customer when I get my pack! Thanks!

Trasan Member

Look out, Jenny Craig and Weight Watchers ...

I think the Trasan is the greatest! I was so busy using it this weekend, I lost 3 lbs.! So, it’s a "reducing cloth," too. It was so much fun, I just kept working.

Lucille C. -- Stransberg, NE

Trasan and a dog’s life ...

We own a Rottweiler dog named Heidi. She lays on the front porch a lot. It is beautiful in the springtime when the roses that cover the porch are blooming, but when the wind blows, all of those beautiful blossoms fall to the porch below and onto the dog! The blossoms stick to Heidi’s BLACK coat and we can't let her in the house like that. The Trasan rag always cleans her coat, removes all the flowers and dust and all STATIC! It is a God-send.

Carole M. -- Tucson, AZ

The Casino Connection!

I'm the maintenance manager at a local casino. A few weeks ago, a Trasan Distributor came to me and presented "the cloth." Products and drop-in salesmen rarely have a chance with me, but I was instantly intrigued by the idea of a cloth that cleaned almost everything with nothing more than water! I am buying six for the department (to start with) and have decided to get a distributorship of my own. I don't even have my starter kit yet, but everyone who sees it (the cloth) wants one. I've never seen anything like it. Thank you.

Carolyn C. -- Gresham, WI

Chocolate on the white carpet ...

I have a 17-year-old son, and that means not only one child who makes bad messes, but all his buddies who are always over here. Well, they had been eating chocolate ice cream “in the living room” a while back – and you know the story. Months later, I still had the chocolate stain on our cream/white carpet. I used Resolve and it just swished it in further. So, I put an area rug over the spot. That is, until I decided to try my Trasan rag on it. Oh, man! After putting very little elbow grease into it, my carpet is like new again. Thank you.

Terrie B -- Bakersfield, CA

Is it new paint or Trasan?

I clean houses and one home I was working in needed to paint their metal door in the front room. Well, I asked if I could wash it with a Trasan cloth. Guess what? They canceled the paint job.

It was so clean the husband came home from work and said, "You painted the door."

"No," was the response. "We used the Trasan cloth to wash it." It saved them about $150. And they bought a Trasan cloth which I use every week when I'm there to clean."

Carol S. -- Cavalier, ND

No Windex needed, no chemicals here!

Regarding the miracle rag, I used it on my computer screen and it works very well without having to spray Windex and other stuff on the glass that takes the anti-static coatings off. Also, I used it on my dashboard and the glass on the gauges on my car on the way home from our lunch. It worked well there, too, and seemed to leave the vinyl polish on the dash. The silicone in the nu-vinyl irritated my eyes for some days after application. The cloth removes the dust and revives the shine without my having to put this stuff on the dash that causes the problem.

Trasan Member

It's adictive, watch the clock ...

I got a phone call one Sunday morning about 11:45. When I answered, my friend said, "I want you to come get this rag and send it back to the old country." Thinking the worst, I said, "What happened?" She said she got up early, took her shower, got her rag and wiped down the shower walls, did her mirrors, wiped the chrome, and it’s all looking very good. So then she started down the hall doing pictures. When she looked at the clock again, it was almost 11:00. Church was at 11:00 and she missed it.

Solution: do not use your rag on Sunday morning!!

Ona S. -- Lynnwood, WA

Paint on windows or glass, no problem!

A man was pumping gas at my store and I asked him if I could wash his hood to show him how amazing this rag was. He said wash my back window instead, so I did and it came clean. The man said, "That’s really amazing because that was paint on my window that your rag took off’…."

Margo M. -- Midvale, UT

Tuckers, bugs and Trasan

My husband drives an 18-wheeler and bugs are very hard to get off because they drive so many miles, the wind dries them and they also stink. So it is nice to have something that will wash them off quick and easy. Other truck drivers see my husband washing the bugs off his truck and ask him what’s on the rag that it cleans so well. He tells them about Trasan and has sold many for me.

Katherine N. -- West Valley, UT

Nothing would take it off, but my Trasan!

One of the first things I tried with the RAG impressed me as much as anything I have ever used it on. I had a light pink carpet with a spot of lipstick about the size of a 50-cent piece. It had been there for some time and I had tried every cleaner there was on the market and nothing would take it off. I took my rag, wet a corner of it and rubbed the spot for about 3 seconds, and the spot was gone.

Evelyn P. -- Roy, UT

Trasan user ready for the big time?

An ink pen leaked out on my kitchen counter. I have had my rag for one year now so I no longer buy chemical products - but - I thought this would be a tough job. I had a small amount of 409 I sprayed and rubbed and rubbed with the ink spot still there. I grabbed for my rag, rubbed and the ink spot was gone.

My husband came in later, telling him the story; he was looking at me with disbelief. I pulled the ink pen from the trash and put another spot on the counter, used only the rag and the spot was gone. He told me I should do commercials.

Sharon H. -- Park Hills, MO

Ink stains just disappear ...

The first rag I ever sold was to my friend and coworker. She called me at home to say, "Well, I'm cleaning my house and you won't believe what this rag did! It cleaned Kool-Aid stains off of my counter!"

I also have my own personal story. In my kitchen I have an oak table which has had an ink stain or other mark on it for a long time. I was cleaning the table after I bought my first rag. I might add when I sort of glossed over the stain thinking don't spend a lot of time on it as it never comes out anyway. When I was done with all my wipes across the table I noticed the ink had disappeared. Amazing!"

Kay C. -- Snohomish, WA

Can't help staying excited!

I also use it to wash my car, inside and out. Just rinse the grit off with the water hose, reduce the water pressure and wipe with the rag and rinse. After going over the entire car, rinse the TRASAN rag and ring it out and wipe the care and no water spots!!! Just a shining car.

My sister says I'm the only person she knows who gets excited about house cleaning. I get excited about the TRASAN rag every time I clean. The more I clean the more rags I sell."

Gloria F. -- Brook Land, AR

Trasan required to go to school?

As head custodian of Woodward 6th grade Center in St. George, UT, I can't go to work without my Trasans. I carry 2 with me at all times. One is for the handprints on the glass entrance doors; the other is for the graffiti. Trasan cloths remove pencil, ink, and markers. I've sold several to the teachers for their homes and classrooms and I'm continuing to work with our school district to buy for all of the custodians in the district. Also the bus supervisor to use in cleaning busses.

I require my other custodians to carry theirs at all times too. For spotting walls, door frames, cleaning restrooms, etc. Our secretaries have time in the office for dusting and cleaning computer keys and screens.

Most of the faculty and staff own 1 or 2 for their homes. Our librarians have one that they wipe handprints off of the books with. Everyone loves Trasan!"

Marie S. -- St. George, UT

First time user writes the next day!

I used your rag for the first time last night (at 11:30 PM I was running around the house like a crazy woman cleaning my million mirrors and windows. I kept looking for the streaks!!) Mine was sent by a friend in Missoula, MT!!

Your rag is fantastic! I'm enclosing my Independent Distributor Agreement. I look forward to selling thousands of these!! I'm a busy hairstylist and see hundreds of clients weekly in our busy salon. The owner says she worries I will sell the salon out from under her. You have a wonderful product!

In addition to the Trasan rags’ top notch cleaning capability, I appreciate that instead of cleaning chemicals I now store potatoes, onions, dry cereal, etc., in the cupboard below my kitchen sink.

Alli L. -- Des Moines, WA

Trasan puts the finishing touch on Open Houses

I'm in Real Estate and part of that business is to sit in homes on the weekend and hold open houses. Well, the owner of the home usually cleans it pretty good before they go out for lunch and a movie, but there is most often something that needs to be done to make it better. In the past I have carried a tote tray of cleaning chemicals with me in the car and when the people leave, I would go out there and get them and finish cleaning. Now I always have 2 rags with me in my briefcase, and I can't tell you how quick and easy it is to clean up. Everyone in my office has them. It's perfect. Want to buy a house?

Larry S. -- Antioch, CA

The product really does sell itself!

When I first started selling the Trasan cloth, the little town I live by was re-tarring all their streets. So homes and businesses alike were having tar tracked in. I stopped in at the Phone Company to pay my bill and the girls were complaining that tar was being tracked all over the new carpeting by their workmen. I had my demo cloth in my car, so I suggested we try it on the carpet. Well I gave them the cloth after I rinsed it in hot water in their bathroom and let them use it themselves. When they saw that tar came out as easily as it did, I had two sales immediately and many repeat sales as the word spread to others that needed to remove tar. You do not have to be a sales person as this product sells itself!

Lou Ann S. -- Cooperstown, ND

Trasan takes "work" out of housework!

A distributor writes:

I just received a letter from one of my friends in New Zealand that you will love to hear:

"Dear Ora,
"I love you, I love you, I love you. I love you for sending that fabulous cleaning cloth last Christmas – really- I can't thank you enough. It is my constant companion. It just does everything and more and I have loads of friends all lined up wanting one.

"I just use it so much – sparkling windows and glass table tops – chrome – floors - cupboards (exteriors and interiors) microwave – stove – and oven – my stove top is instant halogen and the elements just sparkle. I haven't used any cleaners except for the bathroom toilets. I use the Trasan on the Formica bathroom bench tops and I have a huge mirror in both bathrooms, which cover three walls, and now they are always sparkling. I don't even polish any wooden furniture – just use the blue cloth and it seems to keep the dust from coming back on them for quite some time.

"My dining room table is big and has a glass top, which was the pain of my life, especially after a dinner party – no problem now. As you can imagine I wash it out after each use. I use sunlight soap, which is the purest soap you can get.

"So, my dear Ora, thank you once again for such a generous gift – you have helped me take the work out of housework. Even Chris is impressed with it and that really says something."

Fair goer excited about Trasan

This was sent to us by one of our existing Trasan Members:

"Dear Trasan Dealer,
"Yesterday my husband and I attended the fair in Longview. Before leaving the fair I went back and bought one of your Trasan cloths. I came home and started cleaning and I don't think a million dollars could make me happier! Could you please send me one of your Trasan cloths right away? My granddaughter has a birthday next week and I would like her to have one. I know she will love it!"

Lennea B.

Windows, mirrors, computers and upholstery

I just recently became a Distributor for the miracle cloths. I own a bar and cannot believe what a difference it makes having the cloths. All of my mirrors and windows shine all the time. Works wonderful on my computer screen and car windows.

I spilt ruby red grapefruit juice all over my seat in my motor home and the rag cleaned it all up. The upholstery is a light lavender and it is cleaner than ever. I cannot believe how well they work. Thank you for the wonderful product.

Tona L.

Gloppy stuff doesn't stand a chance!

My friend stopped by with his beautifully restored El Camino. He had picked up road grime and dirt on the side panels behind the wheels, so we promptly showed him how a wet Trasan rag would remove it. He was impressed. However, there was some gloppy stuff stuck on the paint right behind the front passenger side wheel. He said "Oh, that's gum, I'll have to take some solvent to it." I told my husband to try the rag again and rub a little bit. The gum came right off. Our friend was really impressed then, especially when the rag rinsed clean. Plus, it did not hurt the paint job. Needless to say, our friend went home with two rags."

Lainie F. -- Distributor, Bakersfield, CA

Utterly astonished and send more rags!

I have been using your wonderful Miracle Cloth every day since I first bought it – about 10 days now.

Well, what I want to tell you about is utterly astonishing. I have a crystal chandelier in my home that is very difficult to clean. If I use sprays for the crystal, the spray gets on the metal and really causes a problem, and if I just use water and ammonia the crystal tears are streaked. What a blessing the Trasan rag is. All I do is wipe everything, just once and it’s done, perfectly." Thank you

My paperwork to become a Distributor is enclosed, Please process as quickly as you can, I have people waiting to get rags.

Amanda F. -- Salem, MA

In a nutshell ... best thing in 30 years!

I clean homes and have done so for 30 years and I have never found an item such as this cloth. I love it!!!!"

A. Joseph -- Phoenix, AZ

And so the story goes ...

... she led me to her living room, to a light beige brick fireplace her young son had decorated with red crayon, and asked "is there a chance the TRASAN will remove this?" (I got another pail of hot water ready, all the while murmuring ‘come on, little TRASAN don't fail me now!’) Like magic, the red crayon marks were history. From the fireplace, we moved to black crayon on textured ivory wallpaper, then to pencil drawings on a painted white wall.

When I left, my neighbor had purchased 4 cloths, and was busy trying the mop. I had been home only a short time when I received a call, "Would you be willing to demonstrate that TRASAN cleaning marvel to a bunch of my friends at a morning coffee? And Elaine, I want you to know you have solved my Holiday shopping headaches. The adults in my family are going to have a TRASAN Christmas this year."

Elaine S. -- Eden Prairie, MN

Car now looks tooooo good!

I just cleaned the entire interior of my car with the Miracle Cloth. I was too lazy to vacuum, but it still turned out outstanding! A splash of hot water on the car mats produced volumes of dirt that came out easier than ever with simple blotting. I can't tell you all the chemicals and effort I've wasted on those things in the past. Even the tar blobs came out. UnbeLIEEEvable! My car, for the first time in years, looks like it did when I bought it. Too cool.

It looks so fine that we decided it’s a good time to sell it!! Even the car dealer says it looks unusually "clean" for its age and mileage. Yeah, after trade-in, that little cloth is gonna cost me about $10,000!! Better give a warning with them in the future.

K. Flick -- Green Bay, WI

It's a small world after all!

Speaking of a small world, here’s one more for you. My wife’s sister, that’s my sister-in-law, Karen, and her husband Dennis, go bike riding (motorcycle bikes that is) on nice weekends in the foothills of the Sierra’s near their home, east of Sacramento.

When stopping for lunch one Saturday afternoon, the couple they were riding with pulled out a Trasan cloth and started wiping the bugs from their windscreen and bike. Karen, in amazement said, "What’s that you are using to clean your bike?"

The guy started raving about how great it was for bugs and road grime when biking and how they wouldn't be without theirs, and how they have 3 more around the house and on and on and finally that they too should get one, and his sister sells ‘em and he can get ‘em one and bring it the next time they go riding.

Then Karen pulled hers out and started explaining that her brother-in-law founded the company, etc., etc. Karen told us that you'd have thought they were talking to a movie star or something, they just had so much praise and admiration for their rag.

Bob Hughes -- Trasan Corporate

Cheaper cloths just DON'T DO THE JOB!

I bought 3 Trasan cleaning cloths at a home show in Bellevue, WA, about 5 years ago. The next year, I went back to the show and bought 3 more cloths and the mop.

I tell everyone about them, and when they mention that they've seen similar products in the store, I warn them that they're not the same. They may cost less, but they don't perform like the Trasan cloth.

When I moved to Massachusetts 2 years ago, to an 18th century home with lots of painted wood paneling and trim, I noticed that a previous owner must have spayed cleaning solution on the paint, which left streaks that are visible in certain light. I noticed also that the dark blue paint on the wainscoting surrounding the clawfoot tub had hard water stains on it, but I knew I didn't want to use chemical cleaners on it and have the same streaking problem I had elsewhere. So I took out my well-worn Trasan cloth and started rubbing, and pretty soon they were disappearing. I've also used the cloths to scrub hard water stains off of shower doors. I use them for everything, so I'm ordering more today.

I have never sold anything in my life, but I have never seen the Trasan products anywhere here in Massachusetts and would be interested in knowing if there is a local distributor in my area. If not, I might consider it myself.

J.D. -- Still River, MA

Spots don't return with Trasan!

I just had to write and tell you the exciting thing that happened concerning the "miracle" cloth. Last night my husband and I were invited to a Christmas party. One of the guests spilled a glass of coke on the carpet. I, of course, asked the hostess for the Trasan cloth I had sold here. She said she didn't use it very much, but went to find it. I proceeded to clean up the spot of coke. I saw another spot about the size of a silver dollar and said I would do that one also. She said it was 3 years old and carpet cleaners had not been able to get it out.

As the other guests looked on, I removed the spot. The hostess and the other guests were in awe. The hostess said it would most likely be back after it dried.

This morning she called and was so thrilled that the spot had not returned and she was washing her cloth and going to keep it out and use it!

I am a believer in the Trasan cloth, but it is so much fun when I am able to tell others about this amazing product. Thank you Trasan."

C.E. -- Detroit Lakes, MN

Trasan needs warning label - CAN BE HABIT FORMING

Here’s one from a member’s retail customer who is blown away with the performance of the cloth. This is by far the best kind of testimonial we receive. You can feeeeeel their excitement.

"A friend of mine talked me into getting one of these "miracle" cloths and I didn't have the nerve to tell my husband because I have been "taken" so many times.

After it sat there a couple of days, I couldn't stand the picture window with the doggy nose prints on it so I thought, "okay let's just see what this cloth can do." My husband was sitting there and although he didn't say a word, he told me later that he thought I had lost my mind using a wet rag on the window and I would have a bigger mess than it already was. BUT instead, with he and I watching, it dried and the window was crystal clear! In fact, it was cleaner and sparklier than it has ever been.

Well, that started something and I have to tell you I haven't been this excited about anything in my life. But, I think you should put a warning label on it that says…. "It can be habit forming." I can't seem to keep this cloth out of my hands. It's like, well, I wonder how it will work on this or that, etc. It has worked wonders on everything so far.

Thank you for such a great product. I plan on giving my newly married daughter one right away so she won't have to go through what I have all these years trying to keep a very clean house."

D.K. -- Pagosa Springs, CO

Trasan, like the Bunny, just keeps on ticking ...

I love the product and, by the way, that is why I am a distributor! I have a cleaning business and have used my rag for a year in all types of cleaning situations and it still looks new. Thanks for such a great product. I also love the mop."

Another happy Trasan Member

Yes, Virginia, no chemicals needed!

I learned about this product at a Dacor demonstration. I ordered two clothes--a blue regular one and the heavy duty red one. I can't believe that I don't have to use some cleaning chemicals to really get my stove or bathroom clean. Do I, at sometime, have to use a cleanser to clean the bathroom sink? This seems like too much of a miracle cloth! I'm so impressed.

Impressed Trasan User

Lipstick footprints on new white carpet ...

Our friends have two young children, a girl and a boy. It was just before Halloween and the children were excited to show us how they had dressed up last year. The little girl took her younger brother upstairs and when they came down we were totally unprepared for what we saw. The girl had taken her Mother’s (Joan’s) lipstick and put it all over the boy's face and his bare feet. She also had her own face "lipsticked" pretty well.

When Joan and I went up the new white carpeted stairs we saw footprints of lipstick all over. In the bathroom, there was lipstick all over the cabinets, counter top and another new white rug! She said to me, I'll bet "we" can take this off with the Trasan. I took a deep breath, crossed my fingers and started to clean.

Joan was in the middle of fixing dinner and I had lots of first-hand experience in "Trasan clean-up," so I got to it. She had put the children in the extra large shower and told them to wash up. I looked in on them and they were getting nowhere with soap and water, so I took the Trasan cloth and gently washed the lipstick off of them. Then I returned to the major job of cleaning the rug. I was amazed at how well the cloth took the lipstick out. I kept rinsing it in hot water and gently rubbed the color away.

I found out later that Joan had finished cleaning the bathroom and the stairs with that wonderful Trasan miracle cloth to the degree that you would have never noticed the event had happened.

I never ceased to be amazed at what this cloth can do with only water!

Harlene F. (Director since March of 97) -- Missoula, MT

What every Trasan Distributor/Member loves to here!

I have a customer who is in love with the cloths and she emailed me her feelings about them." (If you're a distributor, this is the kind of message that just "makes your day.")

Pat A. of Dallas, TX, writes: "I love the idea that it works with just water. "It’s so nice not to have to buy all the cleaners. And with the cleaning products, I didn't always like the results. Now I can dust with the cloth only and everything stays clean longer. And I can use one cloth to clean the sink, mirror, and commode bottom, where with the various cleaners, I can't do that--there would be streaks on the mirrors. And I'm going to save a lot of money, too!

"I now have a house that is spotless. I use one Trasan cloth in the kitchen (red), one in the bathroom (pink), and one for dusting (green). My house has never looked this good (the truth).

"This morning, I even washed my face with the cloth. It left me with a soft clean feeling. I know I will use it all over! I love these cloths."

Forwarded by Trasan Member/Distributor

The emails just keep coming ...

Here's another email that was forwarded to us:

"Really enjoyed our visit yesterday. Just had to tell you I have been very busy cleaning all my glass and my stove. My microwave oven has never looked so good. It always streaked, but the towel I got from you really made my black appliances shine. My countertop has no streaks. This is a winner. It is the best towel. Dwayne can't wait to try it on his motorcycle. So I know I'll be needing more or have to fight him for mine.

Will talk to my sister tomorrow and tell her how great they are…..LOVE ‘EM."

via LouAnn - Trasan Distributor/Member

Here's a classic ...

I've been using the same Trasan for 6 years and I'm finally ready for a new one!"

Karen N. -- Olympia, WA

Trasan goes where Disaster Cleaning Companies will not venture ...

I went to my hairdresser recently and she told me a story about a Trasan cloth she had sold.

She keeps a basket of cloths in the shop to sell. A lady had come in and said she had to have one of these miracle cloths! The reason--a friend of hers who had purchased a cloth from my hairdresser had a very unusual and amazing story.

It seems the friend has twins, two years old, and one day she came downstairs to find them, each with a bottle of ice cream syrup. They had squirted the chocolate and strawberry syrup all over the carpet, walls, counter and themselves. She was so upset, she called a Disaster Cleaning Company (it was a disaster to her). They said they only cleaned fire and water damage homes.

Then she remembered the cloth she had purchased from the hairdresser and got it out. She proceeded to clean up all the mess with the Trasan. The only trace of this "disaster" left behind was one faint little footprint under the carpet fibers which she noticed when vacuuming the area. She was so happy with this "miracle" she told everyone she knew about it. One of the ladies she told was the one visiting the hairdresser the day I was there." (…and yes, she did go back a get that last little footprint)

I bought 2 cloths about 5 years ago and I have just started really using them. What a waste of such a wonderful product! I wish I had known the full potential of these things.

Karen W. -- Visalia, CA
(A retail customer that has recently become a Trasan Member)

Takes road tar off motorcycle ...

Mr. Hovey, was at a "20 Years In Business" party at Workman Harley Davidson, I attended and he wiped the bugs off my windshield as well as many others. The Trasan took off some road tar on the lower front forks that I have been working on for 6 months!

I also sell Black Hills Gold Jewelry and I set up at motorcycle doings. The addition of selling Trasan is going to be very exciting. We have wiped down the whole inside of our home with the Trasan and ‘amazing’ is an understatement."

New Trasan Member

... about Heavy Hitter

Makes window screens look brand new!

I just love the Heavy Hitter. It got juice and tea stains out of my carpet in the kitchen, spill stains (and the smell) out of my car, and it ate up road grease off my car. It made my window screens look brand new! I have never liked housework, but it make housework fun!!!!J I have spent hours cleaning the last few days, and have had a blast doing it. I feel like Jim Carey in the movie, “The Mask” –"Somebody stop me!!"

Peggy B. -- Chicago Heights, IL

Wasting your money on cheap microfiber ...

I just thought I would pass the following on to you… A few weeks ago, Marti and I purchased a microfiber cloth that was made in Korea for about $8. We used it on the van, which worked pretty well. Then we tried to remove a stain on the carpet in our rented apartment. Before we moved in for the winter months here is South Texas, this stain was on the carpet after a commercial cleaner had cleaned it. Well, the Korean cloth appeared to remove the spot, but a couple of days later the spot was back.

Since our becoming a distributor of The Trasan Network, we ordered a Heavy Hitter and we used in on this stain. The spot was gone and hasn't returned!

What good does it do to buy something because it’s cheap, if it doesn't do the job? It’s just wasting your money.

Keith & Marti -- Texas

Better than professional cleaning company!

In the past 2 weeks I have used the Heavy Hitter to remove purple polish from a dark green Berber carpet; removed 5 year old black grease stains from a white chair and removed old chocolate stains from dining room chairs that professional cleaning companies were unable to remove. Wow! I as so impressed; I carry it with me everywhere!

Mary D. -- Longmont, CO

... about Kitchen & Hand Towels

Well, you've done it again ...

I didn't think I would ever be as impressed as I was the first time I used my rag. But I was wrong. I stood with my mouth wide open as my husband rushed to my aid and astonished me with how this new towel of yours works. Here's what happened.

For dinner that night, Jack's parents were over and the kids and everyone were having a great time at the table waiting for dinner to be served. Somehow one of the kids knocked over his water and there it went, over and under everything. Jack jumped up, grabbed the first thing he could see, which was one of the new towels, and mopped it up. The water came up so fast and left everything so dry that we were all just amazed.

His Mom said to him, "What kind of towel is that, Jack? I've never seen anything like it. "Well, I jumped right in with my big mouth and said, "That's one of the new Trasan products I got today." One thing led to another, and before we finished dinner, they ordered 4 towels and a dish pad. Like I said, "You did it again!" Thank you.

Billie V. -- Tarpon Springs, FL

She can't say enough about Trasan!

Just wanted to write and let you know that I ordered the promotional towel package and more cloths, and all I can say is WOW!!! First, I'm amazed that I received my products today (Monday), when I ordered them less than 48 hours ago! Another reason for my "WOW" is that I've tried the towels and dish pad and am amazed, to put it simply!

I have a dishwasher, but have always felt that hand-washing my dishes is a bit therapeutic, probably because I can stand at my window and watch the birds at the feeder while I work (some of my friends think I'm nuts). But now, I enjoy it even more, because these towels are like NOTHING I've ever dried dishes with before!! The dish pads are great, too!!

Your products are so wonderful, and I am thrilled to be using them and sharing with family and friends! In all honesty, I don't really "push" the products, and mainly became a distributor to purchase for myself and family members, but I have to tell you, I find myself looking for opportunities to tell complete strangers lately about these wonderful household helpers! I've found that loaning out a demo cloth for a week or so sells the product all by itself. Thanks so much!!!

Diane R -- Oregon, WI

New Kitchen towels get a cheer!

Hooray for the new kitchen towels and the scrubber. Not only do the towels dry your dishes, but they mop up spills on furniture and carpet, as well. My 2-year-old niece spilled water on my couch and the towel not only wiped up the water, it soaked every last drop out of the cushion. No waiting for it to dry.

The scrubber will remove those hard little dots of grease that build up around your stove as well as clean all the pots and pans.

Merlene H. -- Ivins, UT

One wipe is all it takes ...

I received the new "Dish Towels" today. Instead of putting my dishes in the dishwasher tonight, I washed them by hand using my new scrub pad. It worked great. I also used the Dish Towel to dry my dishes. I could not believe how fast I was done. One wipe and the dishes and pans were dry. My husband also really likes the new hand towels. He says they make his hands feel softer after using it. Thanks for such great new products.

Jeannine A. -- Graham, WA

No streaking, no water spots!

Really liked the new towel and did as you suggested with the glass. It worked great. What I really liked was using the regular cloth to clean the inside of my stainless steel dog dishes and then the new towel to dry it. NO streaking or water spots. It was just super. Your new products get an A+.

Barbara T. -- San Jose, CA

Great for glass table tops ...

Grabbed the mail yesterday and opened your envelope towels! Had to give them a try right after I read the information and boy are they great! Tested them on both plastic and glass glasses and they sure do dry quickly. And I couldn't believe that my hands were also dry -- but the towel wasn't soaked. Did a test on a big window in the family room this morning...sparkling…no streaks and no lint...great for my glass top tables. The next test was drying a sterling silver pitcher...again, no streaks or lint and it really shines. I think you have a real winner here. Go for it!!

Paula M. -- Walnut Creek, CA

... about Bath and Sport Towels

Will never use anything else!

I love the cloths, the mop, etc. But believe me, this bath towel is something else. I have never been so dry so quickly. I gave my grandson a sport towel to take to basketball and he loves it.

Ila S. -- Cass Lake, MN

Bath towel is "something else"!

I LOVE my new bath towel. I will never use anything else! The size is GREAT, and I love the way it dries me completely. Thank you, TRASAN!

Carol E. -- Director, Mesa, AZ

Best bath towel ever used ...

I have been a part of the Trasan Network for more than 4 years and have been so impressed with all of your products. I use everything and I don't even think about it any more. If you come up with something new, I can't wait to try it.

This year you came out with a bath towel and, as usual, I thought it would be wonderful. Wonderful wasn't the word for this towel. It is by far the softest and best towel I have ever used in my entire life. We are well into our 60's. I thought the cleaning cloth was soft the first time I used it, but this towel is so much softer and it dries me in practically no time at all. I don't know how you did it, but thank you again for another exceptional product.

We are going to give them as gifts this year, as I'm sure no one in our family has ever used anything like this ...

A loyal Trasan user for life!

Connie C. -- Tucson, AZ

Bath Towel helps exfoliates skin ...

I have been with Trasan for a several years now and have used many of the products for personal use and gifts for friends. When there is a new item, I have to order it and try it out because I know how wonderful it will be even before I get it!

I have many cloths in the drawer, many dish towels and dish rags and even the turbans. I love them all. I perm and frost my hair a couple times a year and since I have used the turban, I have not had to deep condition my hair for many years. I thought with the new bath towel and sport towels that I had to have them as well.

Well, you wanted feedback on the new bath towel and sport towel. They are wonderful, I have only had the towels for 5 days now and I can tell a difference in my skin already. I have really dry skin that feels like cardboard until I use lotion. With the new towel that helps to exfoliate my skin I do not feel like a cardboard box. And I really appreciate the size of the towel—it’s very "comfortable"!

Thank You!

Melody R. -- Idaho

Sport Towel & it's many uses ...

I love that sport towel best. We use it for hair as well, and it is the perfect size for travel. It works great on the floor for a bath mat, too. I have orders from all of my children for them. Great gift idea!! Thanks for making our life so much easier.

Jan B. -- Richfield, MN

New towel perfect for long hair!

I have very, very long hair and the Turban I bought from you sometime ago wasn't big enough. I was the one that returned it and exchanged it for rags and asked that if you ever got a bigger one to let me know. Guess what? The bath towel works great, I've never enjoyed washing my hair like I do now. It's so big and so light I can hardly believe that my prayers have been answered. I am showing and telling all of my friends.

Betty W. -- Boston, MA

... about Bath Towels

Never leave home without it!

Last month I spent a week at a resort. I have used a Trasan bath towel since they came out. I decided not to pack my Trasan bath towel, as to not take up space in my suitcase. WHAT A MISTAKE! It had been so long since I had used a regular towel that I forgot what they felt like. I was sorry that I had left my Trasan microfiber bath towel at home every time that I used the resorts big fluffy towels.

NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, will I leave home without my very own Trasan bath towel.

I never remembered having to rub my body so long in order to feel dry. Thank you so much for our wonderful superior microfiber products.

Carol E. -- Wauconda, IL

... about Turbans

Turban is a Hairstylist’s Best Friend

I own a beauty salon which specializes in hair care and features a line of quality hair care products. The Trasan Turban has been a very pleasant surprise and a wonderful addition to our treatments.

In doing a perm, I use the Turban between the permanent wave solution and neutralization to absorb excess moisture from the hair and it appears that the neutralizer is now doing a better job.

I also use it on my clients’ hair for about two minutes after shampooing . It helps to dry the hair quickly and I am amazed at how incredibly soft the hair becomes!

Clients with very curly or gray hair – which tends to be very coarse and often difficult to manage – are discovering that drying with the Turban appears to leave a polished finish on the hair, as well as making it softer and straighter. In humid weather, it’s been a remarkable aid – the hair simply appears less frizzy that it would otherwise.

You might guess I'm sold on the Trasan Turban and so are my customers!!

Betty G. -- Rosemont, IL

... about the Gloves

Gloves come in 'handy' ...

This year I wore my white gloves the whole time I took down my Christmas decorations. I ran the light strings through my hands and I was amazed at the dust/dirt that the gloves took off of them. I ran my hands through my artificial garlands, tree ornaments, figurines, etc. They are all put away so clean and ready for next year.

I use the gloves to clean light bulbs and fixtures. (Be sure the lights are off and cool before cleaning!) It is amazing how much brighter the light is after I clean them. My husband thought I had changed bulbs to a higher wattage! And I also use them to wash my dog’s face and ears--so easy and my dog likes it now that I use the glove. It isn't as threatening to him.

Our organist at our church loves the gloves to clean the keys on the organ and piano. She always dusted them, but was amazed how much dirt came off with the gloves and how smooth they felt afterwards.

Sharon P. -- Ellensburg, WA

... about Dish Pads

Little scrubber thing a big hit!

I love that little scrubber thing I got with my towels. Not only does it take the baked-on food off my pots and pans, I just put it in the dishwasher with the dishes and it comes out looking brand new.

Vivian K. -- Tulsa, OK

Get an extra Dish Pad for the car!

I recently took a trip – about 1,000 miles and must tell you about the enormous quantity of bugs that were plastered on the front of my car upon my return home. It was awful. I was convinced the front of my car would never look the same again. I got my little stool, a bucket of warm water, but couldn't find our Miracle Cloth, so I grabbed that new kitchen dish pad my wife has been using in the kitchen. What a shock! I couldn't believe how easily and quickly all the "debris" came off. This is another great product. Please send me 10 more. I know everyone I tell this story to will want one.

Brian S. -- Kansas City, MO

Those pesky stickers not a problem ...

Just checking out the new site. Looks good. We love the cloth especially the dish pad! We found another use for it. It takes the sticky residue off of picture frames that the stickers leave behind better than anything we've ever used. Also, I cut one of the towels by mistake and it hasn't torn further even after extensive use. Pretty good stuff! Have a great week.

Mariam D. -- Concord, CA

Soap Film on Shower Door ...

Hey, a customer of mine just shared with me that she tried the small dish pad for her shower doors. So I tried it this a.m. and it was so fast. I thought the Trasan cloth on them was great, but this was amazing! New use for it!

Pam T. -- Woodinville, WA

... about Mops and Mop Pads

Trasan Mop not just for floors!

When I chose to become a distributor, you sent along a mop that is out of this world. Only now, with this new mop, do I realize just how much work I am really doing with so many different types of cleaners and equipment. I am still in AWE at how universal this mop really is. I use it for all of the following uses:

  1. Mop the floor
  2. Dust my wood floor and linoleum
  3. Wash walls
  4. Sweep cobwebs
  5. Wash floorboards
  6. Wash the top of my car, where I can't normally reach
  7. Wash ceiling
  8. Wash windows I normally can't reach
  9. Quickly wash the shower walls
  10. Clean behind large heavy items that I can't move. All due to the wonderful swivel head of the mop.

I would like to add that with the telescoping handle on this "universal instrument" that it is one of the best things in the world for a person with a bad back. No more bending over a short mop, or trying to reach far places and end up hurting for a few days. No more sore arms from cleaning the ceiling.

So far I have four people who are seriously considering purchasing one. I am proud to be a part of a network that has a product that sells itself.

Last, but not least, it is so nice to deal with such a friendly company. Every time I call, I speak to such nice people. I really appreciate that. I am new to being a sales person, but you all help to make that much easier for me.

Thank you again so much, and I appreciate being a part of your Network.


Replaces broom and vacuum ...

I love the new mop head for dry dusting! It eliminates the need to sweep; it picked up everything on my kitchen tile. It even got dirt out of corners. I tried putting the Scrub Strip on wet and whenever I found a dirty spot….. just stepped on the Strip, instantly removing the spot. I found the dry dust mop head superior to anything else for dusting walls, ceilings, behind furniture, and in back of picture frames.. It’s absolutely marvelous for cobwebs. Here in the Southwest our homes tend to have rafters and they accumulate cobwebs. Removing them is a breeze! I used a brush similar to a toothbrush to remove dirt from the mop head. This wonderful mop replaces both broom and floor vacuum.

Joy V. -- Tucson, AZ

Our Trasan mop saved the day ...

We recently had some landscaping done prior to a party we were having on our back deck, which is quite large and stained a dark brown. The project went longer than expected (surprise!) and I woke on party day to find dusty footprints and smudges all over the deck.

Sweeping didn't remove the marks. The hose didn't either—and then I thought of the Trasan mop! The deck is in good shape, or I probably would have thought twice about risking a mop head on the "lumber."

Wow! It truly saved the day. We used it damp and the deck was easily wiped clean—in no time at all. My panic turned to smiles a few minutes before the doorbell rang. Thank you, Trasan."

Jackie V -- Pacific Grove, CA

Mop used to clean satellite dish

I could rave on and on about your products, most of which has been said already...but I would like to add that the mop, with it's pivoting head and telescopic handle, is the greatest for wiping snow off the satellite dish!

Paula -- Retail Customer in 'snow' parts unknown.

... about Moisture

Moisture performs miracles, too ...

I had no idea when I purchased my first tube of Trasan Moisture that I would receive so much help for my hands.

About 2 years ago, I was experiencing dry spots on my hands which I had never had before. I started buying better hand creams and lotions and was sure to apply some each time after having wet hands. Then I was wearing gloves to bed with a very good treatment, but it did not take care of the many areas that were now affected—especially in cold weather. It seemed to be a sort of dermatitis, to the point of bleeding in the "web" between my thumbs and index finger.

When my doctor prescribed an ointment, it seemed to be effective, but at the end of the 1st prescription, the spots were back again! In a miraculous way, Trasan Moisture has healed my hands and transformed my fingernails! With now two applications a day, I am soooo happy. I am on my third tube and pleased to say that Moisture does wonders for hands and nails.

Thank you!

Debby M. -- Leaf River, IL

Moisture helps heal sunburn!

I had to write and tell you what an amazing product your Moisture cream is. I am very fair skinned and throughout my life, if I got a sunburn, I peeled. Naturally, I try to avoid the sun. However, recently, I was riding my motorcycle longer than I had intended to and got a good burn on the inside of my arms. I decided to try Moisture on it, having heard great things about it from my wife, and was literally shocked at the results. The burn was soothed and I had no peeling. I am a believer. This is great stuff.

Dennis M. -- Folsom, CA

Moisture better than prescription cream

From the very beginning, the scoop on Trasan’s Moisture is that it seems medicated. It isn't, but stories like this make you think hard. What it is, however, is a secret formula that has been in one family for over 100 years.

I wanted to tell you about the Trasan Lotion. I had a rash on my leg for a year and had been to the doctor on several occasions and had tried two different prescription creams to get rid of it. Nothing worked. I ordered the Trasan® Moisture cream and started using it and within a few days my rash had gone away.

Lorna H. (A distributor since 1996) -- W Jordan, UT

Moisture seems medicated ...

While busily preparing a full-course meal for over 150 people, I burned my hand twice in the same spot. The burn was quite severe. I immediately started applying Trasan Moisture twice daily. The burn sensation disappeared immediately and within one week, it had healed over. After two months, it was totally healed with only a barely visible scar the size of a pearl. Moisture really does seem medicated. I also love using it on my elbows. It softens them instantly and a little bit goes a long way!"

Phyllis B. -- Director, Worth, IL

Just keep the Moisture coming!

My daughter is allergic to most hand creams, but she loves how Trasan Moisture feels and says it leaves her skin so smooth and soft with no allergic reaction! She uses it not only on her hands and legs, but also on her face, which tends to break out. With Moisture, she has noticed the blemishes have disappeared. She told me, "Moisture is doing wonders ... you better order me some more!"

Judy Z. -- Olympia, WA

No allergy worries with Moisture ...

I am ecstatic to find a cream as rich as Trasan Moisture without a fragrance additive, as I am allergic to most fragrances. It is such a wonderfully pure and effective product. Thank you!

Karen O. -- Sacramento, CA

Nothing comes close to Moisture!

I've tried every hand cream on the market – expensive ones, and everything on the shelf…Nothing comes close to Trasan Moisture. It’s not greasy, and the subtle odor goes away. The guys that work for me need it too.

I clean windows with the microfiber cloth and recommend them to my customers for window cleaning in between my visits.

Jeffrey B. -- Downers Grove, IL

... about Home Parties

First Home Party a great success!

I just had to share a recent experience I had with giving my first Trasan Home Party. I had put this effort off for a couple of years now and I decided it was time to give it a try.

I was very nervous, as you can imagine. I had spent time preparing my supplies, my display, etc., but had not taken time to prepare what I was going to say or what I was going to do. This added to my nervousness quite a bit and I wish I had taken more time to get mentally prepared. I figured I would have time to prepare before I left home.

Well, about an hour before I left, I got a call from folks who wanted to see a car we had for sale (for about 8 months now!) and they were in the area. My husband wasn’t home and I hated to miss this opportunity. Well, after spending about a half-hour with them--and no sale--I then had to leave for the party. Looking back, I regret that I didn’t allow myself some quiet time to get ready, rather than leaving in a rush with other things on my mind.

I get to the lady’s home and discovered a big Dalmatian dog chained in the driveway. She came out and held the dog. I then proceeded to unload my van. She allowed the dog to come closer and even though I really didn’t want to pet the dog, I felt I should. Well, I wasn’t thinking and just proceeded to pet his head, not remembering to allow it to smell my hand first. The dog proceeded to grab onto my forearm with his jaws! The owner pulled the dog away and I thought for sure it had drawn blood through my jacket. Luckily, it just left a mark and a small bruise! What a way to start the evening!

I got my display table all set up and it looked really professional. I still wasn’t prepared to do my presentation, but thought I would just wing it. The guests started to arrive and the alcohol started to flow! I started my presentation about 40 minutes late, waiting for more guests to arrive, and that helped the ladies to get in rare form. I had 10 guests in all.

I shared with them that it was my first party and they were most gracious. It was a challenge to keep them on track and focused. They all wanted to grab a cloth and a mop and start cleaning! I should have been glad, but they were out of control! Needless to say, the presentation took a lot longer and some guests needed to leave early. There was one interruption after another. I finally got through everything and ended up with $233.00 in sales and 3 party bookings! It was all worth it! I even got compliments on my presentation!

I feel I am well on my way with these parties. It can only get better with practice. It was great to get out and have something of my own to do besides being a stay-at-home mom and wife. It was fun sharing my story with my family and they even seemed proud of me.

The Trasan Party Planner was a big help in preparing for this party. I got the idea of doing home parties from an article that was in one of the past Trasan Newsletters that Terese wrote. She has been very successful with both home parties and home shows. It’s a new kind of party idea and the women were really excited about it!

So, if any of you are thinking about trying this adventure, I wish you lots of luck and prosperity! I can’t wait until my next party!

Pam T. -- Director in WA

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