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This cloth is intended for indoor use only. A little spray of water and a gentle buffing action will product a streak free glass surface. 

How is it used?

This cloth should be used dry and is intended for indoor use. It does not replace Trasanís Glass Cleaning Kit, which is our amazing one-two punch for washing windows. It is, rather, another great option for glass cleaning inside the home, office, car, etc., and is used in conjunction with a spray bottle of water.

Simply squirt the mirror or glass and wipe it dry with the Ultimate Glass Cleaner. Thatís it! Your glass surfaces will be sparkling clean without a streak, and thatís a guarantee!!! Items that are heavily soiled should be cleaned first with one of our Classic or Next Generation Cloths, or the Heavy Hitter. Again, use this new cloth indoors.

Suggestions Applications:
Windows - Mirrors - Glass Top Furniture - TV Screens - Computer Monitors Camera Lenses - Binoculars - Fine Jewelry - Stainless Steel Appliances - Brass and Chrome Fixtures - Hard Polishable Surfaces

Care and Cleaning
Machine washing and tumble drying is acceptable. Never, never, never, use liquid chlorine bleach and never use fabric softeners in the rinse water. For best results, the Ultimate Glass Cleaner should be hand washed separately, as it will attract lint from other fabrics.

Color: Gray only
Size: 15Ē x 15Ē

Ultimate Glass Cleaner - $19.99





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