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The Trasan Wand can be used as an extension to your Trasan mop handle or it can be hand-held. Itís a device about 32" long that will bend to a desired angle to clean those difficult places. Imagine being able to clean the top of ceiling fans while standing on the floor! And think of being able to clean behind the refrigerator and heavy pieces of furniture, the tops of bookshelves, rafters in a vaulted ceiling and all those places are ignored because of the height and difficulty of cleaning.

Hereís how the Wand works - It comes to you as a single piece with a detachable handle that will enable you to connect it to your mop handle if you wish. The blade is made of a rubber-like material that will bend as you desire and then continue to bend into other configurations depending on the job at hand. Itís covered with a microfiber sleeve that will attract and hold the dirt, cobwebs, or whatever you are cleaning, as only quality microfiber can. When necessary, the fabric can be removed for laundering.

The Trasan Wand is manufactured by the same company that makes our mop and the microfiber cover is produced by the same company that makes our flat mop pad--excellent quality and a device that will enable you to really clean those areas that, before now, remained a big problem.

Youíll literally be able to walk around your home with almost a 3 foot extension to your arm that allows you reach behind, and under and over, just about everything that you canít conveniently move or get to during your normal cleaning routine. Then, attach it to the end of your Trasan Mop Handle and Wow! What canít you clean now?

Additional Wand covers are also available. Having extra microfiber covers around allows you to tackle those heavy cleaning jobs and change covers quickly and easily.

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Trasan Wand - $59.95 (approx. 3" wide and 32" long including handle)
Additional Covers - $19.95


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