**NEW** from Nellie's, the maker of our Dryer Balls and Laundry Nuggets comes the, WOW Stick - Stain Remover.

The WOW Stick Stain Remover is derived from natural ingredients that do not contain dyes or synthetic fragrances. In fact, the WOW Stick contains, among other things, lemongrass and sweet orange which are active ingredients in the stain removing process which has been around for years. You will smell these active ingredients before you even open the box. A complete list is furnished with each stick.

   The WOW Stick is environmentally friendly and 100% biodegradable.
   It is a "GREEN" product.

1. Wet stained area of fabric.
2. Wet stick.
3. Rub Wow stick onto stained area.
4, Consider treating both sides of the fabric ifyou think it might be advantageous.
3. Agitate the stain with more water.
4. Wash as usual.

Trial and error will lead to perfection…. How bad and what type of stain, what type of fabric, what will be the water temperature, etc, etc. are all issues that need to be considered. It won’t take long! : )

"Okay Try this! With my severe eczema I can't help but get blood on most of my shirts. I can't keep new clothes from being stained. I have tried everything to remove the blood - Clorox, resolve etc. And while they may fade the stain it never goes away. When I tried the WOW Stick I expected the same result. Wow! Was I blown away. The blood stains were totally gone! So I tried it on my favorite shirt that had already been through the wash and had the blood faded stain that had remained. But the WOW stick got rid of the old stain. It's truly amazing! I am sold on the Wow Stick. Nothing else comes close. Thank you so much you saved me from throwing out 2 jeans and 3 shirts. Worth Every Penny.

Do you know the expression, “A picture is worth a thousand words?” Pictured below is a beet stain, before and after

Size: 2.7 oz stick

Price: $19.99

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WOW Stick Stain Remover