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Trasan Microfiber Cloths are the finest microfiber cleaning cloth available on the market today. 

Our ultra-fine microfiber cloth has set off a revolution in household cleaning. Used damp - with only water - it removes dirt, grease and grime from just about anything, and it does it with ease.

Used dry, it is the very best dust cloth you have ever used! It is the microscopic fibers which attract dirt particles, dust and whatever they encounter. No chemicals or soaps needed!

Our Trasan cloth is the perfect illustration of a product whose time has come. It is a cherished solution for those with allergies or odor sensitivities. And it saves untold dollars spent on chemical cleaning agents.

But microfiber cleaning does even more than save our time, our health and our money. It is helping to save our planet!! This is truly the environmentally friendly method of cleaning.

Useful hints:

Because water quality varies, minerals are often left behind and are sometimes visible on clear glass surfaces. If this is true of your water, then dry your windows after cleaning before nature does.

As with all new fabrics, tiny particles are left behind during the milling process. This in no way affects the cleaning capabilities, but may leave what appears to be lint until it is washed.

The wine-colored cloth should be pre-soaked in hot water - separately - before first use (like a darkly colored sweatshirt) in order to release the residual dye in the fabric.

Care and Cleaning of the Cloth:

With proper use, your Trasan will last for years. For quick cleaning, hand wash with any hand soap or dish washing liquid.

Our cloths love hot water - the hotter the better. It makes the microfibers swell to release trapped dirt. Using the family washing machine is ideal.

For stubborn spots in your Trasan, such as gum, tar, grease, tree sap, etc., place the Trasan cloth in a plastic bowl, cover with water and heat well in your microwave. Then using a small brush, or old vegetable brush, lightly scrub the affected area and wash and dry as usual.

Fabric softener should not be used on your Trasan cloth and never, never, never use bleach. Placing your cloth in the automatic dryer, after washing, will restore its soft texture.


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