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Taking the power of our miracle cloth a step further, we offer the Heavy Hitter. We call it our "industrial strength" cloth because it is intended for the truly tough cleaning job.

Unlike our original Trasan Classic Cloth, which can be used both damp and dry, the Heavy Hitter must be used damp and should only be used on washable surfaces which have not been waxed.

Use it freely throughout your bath, on shower walls, tubs, sinks, countertops and mirrors. Perfect in the kitchen on stoves, microwaves, refrigerators (inside and out), pots, pans, dishes and spills on the floor.

It's great for cleaning all your outdoor cleaning, the patio furniture, sporting and camping equipment, tools, swimming pool and hot tub tile. Use it on your car's chrome and wheels, areas that are not waxed. 

The Heavy Hitter is made of microfiber and manufactured in Sweden, but the fiber is of a more "commercial grade" than that found in our classic cloth. And unlike the classic cloth, it is not a dust cloth, nor is it intended for all surfaces.

This slightly more abrasive cloth works wonders in the kitchen and bathroom and anywhere a cleaning challenge appears, with the exception of waxed surfaces such as furniture, hand-painted objects and automobile exteriors. It is also not intended for Plexiglas, or eye glasses or windows that have been treated with a protective film.

But nothing is faster or easier to use on the toughest grime, both inside the house and out, than the Heavy Hitter!

Together, Trasan's ultra-fine microfiber cloth and the Heavy Hitter provide a complete cleaning package.

Maintenance of the Heavy Hitter is the same as recommended for the Trasan Miracle Cloth. Throw it in the washing machine, avoid fabric softener and NEVER use bleach!


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Heavy Hitter - $19.99 (approx. 12" x 13")





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