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This is a unique product specially designed for one purpose and one purpose only: to remove all kinds of facial makeup without the use of chemicals. 

This mitt, which is probably for softest fabric your face has ever felt, works with water only. Get it wet, ring it out and go to work.

This Makeup Remover will remove mascara, water-proof makeup and smear-proof makeup, quickly and cleanly. The Makeup Remover is gentle on your face, easy to care for and will leave your face feeling clean and fresh without stripping its natural moisturizers with harsh chemicals.

Care and Use
Machine wash before the first use.

    1. Wet it thoroughly with clean tap water and wring out the excess.
    2. Insert your hand into the ‘easy mitt pocket'.
    3. Gently wipe makeup from your face.
    4. Air dry after each use.
    5. Machine wash as needed.

Price: $24.99
Color: Lavender Only

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Magic Makeup Remover - $24.99 



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