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Introducing the Waffle Weave Turban! Yes, it’s made of that same amazing, super-absorbent microfiber you’ve come to love in the Waffle Weave Kitchen Towel and the Buffer!

The Turban is another miracle solution - this time, for drying hair. It “drinks” water like nothing else and significantly reduces the amount of blow-drying needed, making it not only the healthy alternative, but a great time-saver, as well.

The Turban has the added benefit of being a traveler's best friend. It not only permits the washing and drying of hair with ease and frequency, but it dries out, itself, so quickly that it can be packed and taken to the next destination.

Cleaning and Maintenance 

Launder your Turban just as you would your Trasan Cloth, meaning throw it in the washer and dryer – and never use liquid chlorine bleach.

Available in White only.


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Trasan Turban - $42.99 (approx. 20" x 40") White Only


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