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The Trasan Mop, like it's companion products, is a high-performance Swedish-created cleaning aid made from modern Microfiber.

With three types of mop pads available, flat, loop and dust, Trasan has the answer for cleaning any kind of floor - and again, using only water. We also include a Scrub Strip. This amazing little scrubber fits on Trasan mop and is easily attached between the base and pad. Just press with your foot and that stubborn spot or mark is gone!

No buckets of water, no squeegee, no 'streaking, no trouble, and best of all - no chemicals!

The flat pad is intended for the very smooth floors such as that found in grocery stores or hospitals. The loop pad is designed for tile or linoleum with designs or imprints causing variations in the floor surface. Our dust pad seems "magnetized" and is perfect for all floors, walls, ceilings and hard to reach areas.

Many prefer the loop pad for use on hardwood floors, as well. The miracle of Microfiber teamed up with our sturdy, swivel-head mop frame has resulted in the finest mop available today. And it's a dry mop and wet mop all in one!

To Use as a Dry Mop: Use no extra sprays. When finished mopping, turn the pad over and pull off the larger accumulations of dust and debris.

To Use as a Damp or Wet Mop: Soak the pad completely under running water and wring it out until just damp. Remember, no bucket or chemicals! And any water temperature will do.

If the occasion warrants, the pad may be rinsed after use or thrown in the washing machine. Again, no bleach.

The Trasan Mop is shipped in four pieces: the impact resistant resin coated telescoping handle, the base, a scrub strip and the mop pad of your choosing.

It's easy to operate. Simply push the colored button on the top of the handle and the telescoping mechanism will released. When the desired length is achieved release the button and the handle will lock into place.


Because of this unique telescopic handle with its “control ring” and the wonder of Microfiber you’ll be able to effectively reach areas that are as high as 14’ without ever stepping foot off the ground. Imagine doing the outside of your windows with just a mop and clean water.

RV’ers are constantly reminded of the ease and effectiveness of these mops for caring for their mobile homes.

The Scrub Strip
Instead of reaching for your Trasan cloth to attack stubborn soil marks or sticky areas on your floor, we have the answer - the "Scrub Strip". It fits easily on any side of a Trasan mop between the base of the mop and the mop pad, held by Velcro. With one quick "rub of the foot", that hard spot is removed! A Scrub Strip is included with each mop purchased.
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Replacement Parts
Our mop systems are designed for longevity and flexibility. Once you have your handle you can change out mop bases and pads quickly and easily to fit the size you need. 
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Complete Small Mop with 13 inch base, scrub strip and choice of pad - $129.95
Complete Medium Mop with 18 inch base, scrub strip and choice of pad - $149.95
Complete Large Mop with 27 inch base, scrub strip and choice of pad - $159.95

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Small - 13" base

Medium - 18" base

Large - 27" base

With Loop Pad

With Flat Pad

With Dust Pad



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