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Before you start reading some of these remarkable stories, we want to assure you that all of us who are involved in this industry have shared a common experience. We have all been amazed by the power of high quality microfiber technology. In a word, by the power of "Trasan"!

It is absolutely true that "if you give a Trasan miracle cloth
a chance to impress you - it will".

Because we were all brought up watching our parents clean with chemical agents and elbow grease, we have been slow to believe that there could be a better way - a way to clean without chemicals that is faster, more effective, and costs far less than we could have ever expected, and certainly less than chemical cleaners! Welcome to the world of microfiber, and welcome to the finest quality microfiber you can buy.

These stories spill over with astonishment, excitement, and outright joy. They are from customers, distributors (Trasan Members), business people, professional housecleaners, and people just like you and me.

Unbelievable as they may seem, they are all true, and we're sure you will have similar stories as you get acquainted with Trasan's outstanding products.

“A friend of mine talked me into getting one of these "miracle" cloths and I didn't have the nerve to tell my husband because I have been “taken” so many times.

After it sat there a couple of days, I couldn't stand the picture window with the doggy nose prints on it so I thought, "Okay, let's just see what this cloth can do."

My husband was sitting there and although he didn't say a word, he told me later that he thought I had lost my mind using a wet rag on the window and I would have a bigger mess than it already was. BUT instead, with he and I watching, it dried and the window was crystal clear! In fact, it was cleaner and 'sparklier' than it has ever been.

Well, that started something and I have to tell you I haven't been this excited about anything in my life. But, I think you should put a warning label on it that says…. “It can be habit forming.” I can't seem to keep this cloth out of my hands. It's like, well, I wonder how it will work on this or that, etc. It has worked wonders on everything so far.

Thank you for such a great product. I plan on giving my newly-married daughter one right away so she won't have to go through what I have all these years trying to keep a very clean house."

D.K. -- Pagosa Springs, CO

"I bought 3 Trasan cleaning cloths at a home show in Bellevue, WA, about 5 years ago. The next year, I went back to the show and bought 3 more cloths and the mop.

I tell everyone about them, and when they mention that they've seen similar products in the store, I warn them that they're not the same. They may cost less, but they don't perform like the Trasan cloth.

When I moved to Massachusetts 2 years ago, to an 18th century home with lots of painted wood paneling and trim, I noticed that a previous owner must have sprayed cleaning solution on the paint, which left streaks that are visible in certain light.

I noticed also that the dark blue paint on the wainscoting surrounding the claw foot tub had hard water stains on it, but I knew I didn't want to use chemical cleaners on it and have the same streaking problem I had elsewhere. So I took out my well-worn Trasan cloth and started rubbing, and pretty soon they were disappearing. I've also used the cloths to scrub hard water stains off of shower doors. I use them for everything, so I'm ordering more today.

I have never sold anything in my life, but I have never seen the Trasan products anywhere here in Massachusetts and would be interested in knowing if there is a local distributor in my area. If not, I might consider it myself."

J.D. – Still River, MA

"I love the new mop pad for dry dusting! It eliminates the need to sweep; it picked up everything on my kitchen tile. It even got dirt out of corners. I tried putting the Scrub Strip on wet and whenever I found a dirty spot….. just stepped on the Strip, instantly removing the spot. I found the dry dust mop pad superior to anything else for dusting walls, ceilings, behind furniture, and in back of picture frames. It’s absolutely marvelous for cobwebs.

Here in the Southwest, our homes tend to have rafters and they accumulate cobwebs. Removing them is a breeze! I used a brush similar to a toothbrush to remove dirt from the mop head. This wonderful mop replaces both broom and floor vacuum."

J.V. -- Tucson, AZ

"I would like to tell you how much I like the cleaning cloths. I am a housekeeper for several families. I have been working for most of them for 12 years. I was getting to a point where I felt, even though I like my work, that I would need to quit because the fumes from the cleaning chemicals I used every day were causing me health problems. I suffered with allergies and knew I was damaging my lungs.

Then I found the Trasan rags and my life changed. I have used them for over a year and a half now and I can really tell the difference. I was taking allergy medication almost every day. I was very stuffed up at night and couldn’t sleep. I often had sinus infections that required prescription drugs. I now rarely need any allergy medications and I haven’t had any infections at all. I even lost the lung cough I had. I didn’t have to quit my work and cleaning became a great joy.

I’m still amazed at the things I can do with "my rags". I have them in all the homes I clean. I won’t work with out them. I just told everyone, "It’s Trasan or else." In the time I have been using them, I have had no complaints that things aren’t as nice as they use to be. If anything, they are better.

I worried a bit about not using disinfectants, but there has been no change in the health in any of the homes I clean. When asked if you don’t have to disinfect, I just point out that no one ever really disinfects any way. Read the directions for disinfecting on any cleaning chemical and it says to clean, then wet with the cleaner and keep it wet for ten minutes. No one does that. It is just a waste of money.

I believe that the fibers in the cloths must pick up bacteria as well or better than any cleaner. Well, I didn’t mean to get carried away, but I do that often when I talk about Trasan.

Wilma B., Riverdale, UT

"I just thought I would pass the following on to you... A few weeks ago, Marti and I purchased a microfiber cloth that was made in Korea for about $8. We used it on the van, which worked pretty well. Then we tried to remove a stain on the carpet in our rented apartment.

Before we moved in for the winter months here is South Texas, this stain was on the carpet after a commercial cleaner had cleaned it. Well, the Korean cloth appeared to remove the spot, but a couple of days later the spot was back.

Since our becoming a distributor of The Trasan Network, we ordered a Heavy Hitter and we used in on this stain. The spot was gone and hasn't returned!

What good does it do to buy something because it's cheap, if it doesn't do the job?

Keith & Marti, Texas

"I just love the Heavy Hitter. It got juice and tea stains out of my carpet in the kitchen, spill stains (and the smell) out of my car, and it ate up road grease off my car.

It made my window screens look brand new! I have never liked housework, but it make housework fun!!!! I have spent hours cleaning the last few days, and have had a blast doing it. I feel like Jim Carey in the movie, "The Mask" -"Somebody stop me!!"

Peggy B., Chicago Heights, IL

"What a clever, unique approach to multi-level marketing. I am impressed! I signed up to be a dealer (totally out of character for me) simply because I loved the products and wanted to get a better price on them. But I can't help telling people about them, so I might accidentally sell something! Keep up the good work!

Barb J., Forest City, IA

"I use the Trasan Miracle Rag for everything. I would not be without it. Cleaning is made cleaner with the Miracle Rag.

I used a "new" rag to dry my face thinking it might help my skin - I have psoriasis around the face and neck and on my elbows. It did help, more than the medication, the soaps, the cream, etc. Drying with the miracle rag has decreased the psoriasis immensely.

I am now using the cloth all over. It dries the skin in a way that I don't understand, but it really works!!!! It makes my skin so much fresher and softer.

P.S. I would love to tell the world about these rags, but with a sick mother and father, I am limited in my time. Maybe someday I can shout it from the highest mountain!!!!!

Judy L., Evergreen Park, IL

"I just received a letter from one of my friends in New Zealand that you will love to hear:

Dear Ora,

I love you, I love you, I love you. I love you for sending that fabulous cleaning cloth last Christmas - really- I can't thank you enough. It is my constant companion. It just does everything and more and I have loads of friends all lined up wanting one.

I just use it so much - sparkling windows and glass table tops - chrome - floors - cupboards (exteriors and interiors) microwave - stove - and oven - my stove top is instant halogen and the elements just sparkle. I haven't used any cleaners except for the bathroom toilets. I use the Trasan on the formica bathroom bench tops and I have a huge mirror in both bathrooms, which cover three walls, and now they are always sparkling. I don't even polish any wooden furniture - just use the blue cloth and it seems to keep the dust from coming back on them for quite some time.

My dining room table is big and has a glass top, which was the pain of my life, especially after a dinner party - no problem now. As you can imagine I wash it out after each use. I use sunlight soap, which is the purest soap you can get.

So, my dear Ora, thank you once again for such a generous gift - you have helped me take the work out of housework. Even Chris is impressed with it and that really says something."

Provided by a Member

"I bought my rag purely out of the goodness of my heart to support my friend. I used it as a dry dust rag and thought "big deal". Shortly thereafter, I had the 'windshield doctor' come and repair a 'star' in my windshield. He was very enthusiastic and confident about the job he was doing. An hour later he was finished and he did a great job repairing the cracks.

The next day, driving around doing my errands, I glanced down at the passenger seat - and gasped. Apparently, the 'windshield doctor' had a blue pen in his back pocket and proceeded to scribble on the seat in a 5 x 7-inch area. I freaked! Because I take care of my car the way some people take care of their kids! So, after calming down, I reviewed my options as to what to do. Then I thought of the miracle rag and said, "if this is really a MIRACLE rag, it'll work." Wouldn't you know, it took every speck of pen out of my seat!

I was so pleased; I took it to work and showed my friends how it worked, removing coffee stains, etc. from the carpet. Instantly I sold 7 rags and that afternoon signed up as a distributor. I'm now known as "The Rag Queen".

Thank you for such a great product."

Martha A. - Member

“Dear Tony & Kerstin,
(They are TRASAN Distributors, and forwarded this letter to us.)

I LOVE my Trasan cloth! Thank you a million for introducing us! I used it the day you gave it to me.

I wiped down the bathroom first. When I went to the floor, I thought to myself, "it's hardly dirty tonight, this isn't much of a test." I wiped it down and was shocked to see what was on the cloth! Now I was excited.

I headed for my kitchen…now there's a test. I wiped it down in no time. Everything sparkles! Now the kitchen floor…a daily nightmare at best.

Especially when Destyn did a "Picasso" in orange crayon. I always used Comet on crayon - boo boo - I never considered Trasan would take off crayon….but it did! I've fried Abalone and cleaned the stove in about one minute. What it does to mirrors - fantastic! I have replaced 5 cleaning agents I use on a daily basis and rolls of paper towels in the last three days. I am thrilled and amazed! But I really didn't write to tell you all this, because you already know it.

I want to tell my Mom, Sister, Brother, Mother-in-law, Sister-in-laws, friends, my bible study group, my parenting class, etc. . . ."

Tony & Kerstin - Members

"I own a beauty salon which specializes in hair care and features a line of quality hair care products. The Trasan Turban has been a very pleasant surprise and a wonderful addition to our treatments.

In doing a perm, I use the Turban between the permanent wave solution and neutralization to absorb excess moisture from the hair and it appears that the neutralizer is now doing a better job. I also use it on my clients' hair for about two minutes after shampooing. It helps to dry the hair quickly and I am amazed at how incredibly soft the hair becomes!

Clients with very curly or gray hair - which tends to be very coarse and often difficult to manage - are discovering that drying with the Turban appears to leave a polished finish on the hair, as well as making it softer and straighter. In humid weather, it's been a remarkable aid - the hair simply appears less frizzy than it would otherwise.

You might guess I'm sold on the Trasan Turban and so are my customers!!"

Betty G. - Rosemont, IL

"What is it about demonstrations of this cloth that seems to bring out the "worst" in people? I mean, would you show your friend or even some stranger the 'grodiest' or most disgusting spots in your house, the kind that you just give up on and cover with a potted plant?

As they issue these challenges with a wicked gleam in their eyes, you grab your trusty Trasan and send up a little prayer, "Please God, let it work".

And darned, if it doesn't, like on our recent trip to Alaska where our niece challenged the rag to remove the dreaded cat puke stain on the carpet and it did, or the unknown black stain in the other corner and it did, or the Kool-Aid stain on the white counter top that a scrub brush and 409 couldn't remove and the Trasan did.

Is this product amazing or what?"

Mike and Mary Ann R. - Florence, Oregon

"I am new to all of this, so this story may not be new to you. I live in a mobile home. I have a small porch that leads into my home through a sliding glass door.

I have a cat and my sister has a dog. I use my Miracle Cloth around the house all of the time. Well, early one morning, I noticed some fur balls out on the porch, so I decided to vacuum them up. It turned out there was some cat 'poo' out there also.

I got it all over my vacuum and the light colored carpet that was out there. What a mess! And the smell was awful. So I got out my rag and put it in hot water and rang it out.

Well, the mess came off my vacuum right away. But the carpet didn't look much better and the smell was still there. So I thought, "Oh well, I'll just toss the carpet."

I went inside to put my cloth away and lo and behold, the mess was gone as well as the smell. Thanks to my Miracle Cloth!"

Joyce L. - Member

"I had to write and tell you what an amazing product your Moisture cream is. I am very fair skinned and throughout my life, if I got a sunburn, I peeled.

Naturally, I try to avoid the sun. However, recently, I was riding my motorcycle longer than I had intended to and got a good burn on the inside of my arms. I decided to try Moisture on it, having heard great things about it from my wife, and was literally shocked at the results. The burn was soothed and I had no peeling. I am a believer. This is great stuff."

Dennis M. - Sacramento, CA

"I'm the maintenance manager at a local casino. A few weeks ago, a Trasan Distributor came to me and presented "the cloth".

Hyped products and drop-in salesmen rarely have a chance with me, but I was instantly intrigued by the idea of a cloth that cleaned almost everything with nothing more than water!

I am buying six for the department (to start with) and have decided to get a distributorship of my own. I don't even have my starter kit yet, but everyone who sees it (the cloth) wants one. I've never seen anything like it. Thank you."

Carolyn C. - Gresham, WI

"I purchased products from you at the Portland Home and Landscape Show and wanted to let you know how pleased I am with them. We have granite countertops, wood floors and stainless steel appliances…

I am so sold on these products that I would like information on joining and what areas are available… I have never considered doing anything like this until I ran into your products and I am completely sold, especially on the 'no chemicals' part. The products clean better than I have ever seen anything do with so little work."

Suzanne H. - Vancouver, WA

"I love the Trasan and have sold over two hundred rags for another gal. Now I wish I had joined then. But that's water under the bridge.

I just wanted to say that I use the rags all the time. I clean houses for other people and these people have bought rags from me. And they can't believe how good they work-and no more chemicals!

I have a wine rag for vehicles, blue for my computer room, two more blue for the rest of the house and a Heavy Hitter for the bathroom and kitchen…Plus I carry a green one in my purse to demonstrate. And I always carry an extra in the car to sell.

When I get my new rags, I make copies of "The Trasan Miracle Cloth and Its Many Uses" and put a copy in the little folder with the rag…Everybody that I have sold likes that. Plus I have tried just about everything on that page. I figured that if I was going to sell them, I better know what they would clean."

Rose T. Laurens, Iowa

"Mary Lou and her husband, Walt, were touring in Italy (somewhere between Florence and Venice) and their Tour Director sat on Italian chewing gum on the bus. Mary Lou whisked out her Trasan cloth and offered it to him since it was clear he was feeling a bit embarrassed by the situation. He went into a nearby shop and when he returned to the bus, he said all it took was a little water and gum immediately came off his pants.

He then attacked the bus seat with the Trasan cloth and the gum was easily removed. To top it off, all Mary Lou had to do was shake the cloth and the gum quickly dislodged itself. She said it was a lifesaver during their vacation and was used to remove spots on her husband's shirts and for other minor emergencies."

For Mary Lou R. - Bellingham, WA

"To start with, WOW! What a miracle cleaning cloth you have. My two Trasan cloths were just given to me as a gift from a friend in Alaska and I live in California.

First, I used it yesterday to clean my house and I was amazed at the terrific job it does, and without the use of any of those harsh cleaning products. It made my job so easy with these sore hands that have just been afflicted with arthritis.

I congratulate you on actually being true to your advertised word. Your product delivers what it promises, unlike many others I have tried. I am sold and want to be a distributor for Trasan. These little miracle cloths are going to be my gifts to family and friends for this holiday season.

Please contact me with information on what it would take on my part to become a local area distributor."

Karen N. - CA

"Wow. Your Trasan Turban is so cool. My mother bought one and I'm always asking to borrow it! I'm a high school student with long hair and I can't believe how much time it's saving me in the morning. I've been wrapping a bath towel around my head after my shower and leaving it on while I eat breakfast and do my make up. But your Trasan towel is so much lighter on my head and it takes so much more water out of my hair! And then the turban dries so quickly, I can use it again the same day if I want.

I wish I was 18, so I could be a distributor. All my friends want to buy a turban."

Amy S. Danville, CA

"I have fibromyalgia and chronic myofascial pain. More than likely, you have never heard of these medical conditions. These conditions present daily chronic pain, exhaustion and weakness, just to mention a few symptoms.

The Miracle Cloth and mop have made my cleaning jobs so much easier. Since I have daily fatigue and pain, cleaning is a HUGE task to me.

I have not cleaned my house windows in probably 7 years. My balance is off so ladders are out of the question. Family members really do not want to help me clean windows. I have thought of hiring someone to clean them, yet the expense is too much for me.

The Miracle Cloth so impressed me, I just had to sign up as a distributor. That automatically meant I would get a mop. I did not think I wanted the mop. I was only interested in selling the cloth. The lady that signed me up showed me how to use the mop. Well, I was sold.

I have now cleaned half the windows in my house! I cannot believe how easy it was. To top it off, I was not exhausted after cleaning them. You cannot imagine what that does for me. INDEPENDENCE!!! That is what it means to me.

Cleaning my car windows had been a 2-hour job and still there were streaks. But not now. Now, it is less than a 10-minute chore.

I am so thrilled with your products, I cannot stop talking about them."

Judy L. D. Milwaukee, OR

"I'm in Real Estate and part of that business is to sit in homes on the weekend and hold open houses.

Well, the owner of the home usually cleans it pretty good before they go out for lunch and a movie, but there is most often something that needs to be done to make it better. In the past, I have carried a tote tray of cleaning chemicals with me in the car and when the people leave, I would go out there and get them and finish cleaning. Now I always have 2 rags with me in my briefcase, and I can't tell you how quick and easy it is to clean up.

Everyone in my office has them. It's perfect. Want to buy a house?"

Larry S. - Ft Myers, FL

"When I first started selling the Trasan cloth, the little town I live by was re-tarring all their streets, so homes and businesses alike were having tar tracked in.

I stopped in at the Phone Company to pay my bill and the girls were complaining that tar was being tracked all over the new carpeting by their workmen. I had my demo cloth in my car, so I suggested we try it on the carpet. Well I gave them the cloth after I rinsed it in hot water in their bathroom and let them use it themselves. When they saw that tar came out as easily as it did, I had two sales immediately and many repeat sales as the word spread to others that needed to remove tar.

You do not have to be a sales person as this product sells itself!"

Lou Ann S. - Cooperstown, ND

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