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Hard to believe, but it's true!

Because of the way our high quality microfiber products are made, water is all that's needed.

Used dry, our cloths are the very best dust cloth you'll ever use and dust will not return as quickly, because nothing is left for dust to "hang on" to.

For general cleaning, just dampen with water, and that's all! In fact, cleaning chemicals will not even enhance the cleaning power of a Trasan cloth. The cloth will just pull the chemical, right along with dirt, bacteria, grit and grim, right into its fibers.

And you save more than just money, too!

By using the Trasan cloths, you'll save hundreds of dollars a year in cleaning products you no longer need. That's just part of the "savings". You also help to "save" our environment and the health of those with allergy problems or odor sensitivities.

It's no secret that Sweden is way ahead of the United States in microfiber, chemical-free cleaning. "Miracle cloths" have been used in homes, hospitals and businesses throughout that country for a very long time. Studies at several Swedish hospitals confirm that microfiber removes not only visible dirt, but bacteria on cleaned surfaces as well.

Make the most of your cloths!

There is much we can learn from our "elders" in any field and Trasan continues to benefit from the Swedish experience with microfiber. Here's a bit of their expertise.

There are 8 cleaning surfaces on each Trasan cloth, yes, eight! Most of us just wad up the cloth and get busy and we have a great deal of success. But our friends in Sweden tell us that we can do better. 

They fold the cloth in half and then in quarters, producing four flat cleaning surfaces on each side of the cloth. As one side (quarter) has been used thoroughly, they turn to the next side, then refold and repeat. They then open the cloth, fold and begin the process again on the other side. It makes sense, doesn't it? 

A flat, folded surface will allow the Trasan cloth to pick up the maximum amount of dirt, bacteria, spilled substances, or whatever, and then multiply that by 8! Not only are we able to clean more effectively with the 8-sided folded cloth, we can use it longer before washing and, thereby, extend even further its amazing life span.

Grab a little spray bottle with water in it and go!

When the Swedes tackle a cleaning job where bacteria is the issue, they are armed with the folded microfiber cloth in one hand and a small spray bottle filled with water in the other.

As the dampened cloth begins to dry out, these folks lightly spray the area to be cleaned and proceed to wipe it with the cloth. What a time-saver!

Instead of heading back to the sink to wet the cloth over and over again, you can just spray the glass, tile, appliances, etc. with a bit of . . .

That's right ... just water!

Get rid of those chemicals and
start cleaning the Trasan way today!

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