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Trasan's Floor Care Products

For all your floors . . .
Complete Floor Care Sets

Combining the power of our Microfiber floor pads with strong, durable swivel and telescoping handles makes floor care a breeze. Great for walls, windows and hard to reach surfaces, too. It's like a magnet and leaves floors glistening.

Specialty Mop Pads

Trasan's mop pads attach to the mop base. Select from flat, loop and duster pads to clean all types of floors ... hardwood, tile, terrazzo, linoleum ... smooth and textured surfaces. The choice is yours!

Scrub Strip

This amazing little scrubber fits on Trasan mops and is easily attached between the base and pad. Just press with your foot and that stubborn spot or mark is gone!


No need to buy a complete mop when just a replacement handle or base is all you need. Handles fit all bases. Bases and pads are available in three sizes.

And more ...
The Trasan Wand

For those areas you just can't reach with your arm, attach the bendable Trasan Wand to your mop handle. Great for ceiling fans, high windows and more. With microfiber on both sides, the slim wand gets behind, above and under those tough-to-clean areas all around the house.

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